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411 : Greg Purdy – The value of your audience is the key thing to remember when building a long term business
21st October 2019 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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What a great opportunity to get inside what it takes to be a successful marketer long term. I add long term because there  will be a new superstar today, tomorrow and the day after who likely will be gone by the end of the week. Look longer, look past the fast buck. Dare I say add value? No Greg does that in the and every conversation I have with him. He really cares and it shows in his new tool: – 30 DAY FREE TRIAL. Try it and see if it helps you once, just once. Then evaluate the cost and rethink your business with better data.

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Here is transcript- It is automated so it is not perfect but it does seem to get better over time.

Greg:                                     [00:00]                     You can go online and, and log into a website and type a few words and they’ve, they have the potential to reach thousands or hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. Now, the reality, they probably won’t reach that many, but they’ll reach well enough, but the odds are the chances of selling that item go way off. It’s exponential. And, um, I, I, I

Cool voice guy:                  [00:24]                     welcome to the e-commerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of eCommerce selling today. Here’s your host, Steven Peterson.

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Stephen:                             [02:07]           , forward slash momentum arbitrage. They are going to close it. Q4 is here. It’s going to happen. Get ready. Welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast. This is episode 411. Greg Purdy, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I talked to Greg. And it’s funny, we talk to each other a lot. Um, outside of this and an issue came up somewhere and I’m like, huh, Greg’s the expert and I’ve seen so much of this. And so I really, what I love in this episode is we, we talk about how to create a business. Um, maybe it’s selling on Amazon, maybe it’s selling on your own website. Maybe it’s making soap. I get to that story and it’s pretty interesting. Um, but Greg’s been doing this for a long, long time and he will tell you he’s nothing special. He was a truck driver, had to his phrase, he didn’t get a big fancy college education.

Stephen:                             [02:57]                     He got a life education and yet he’s been able to apply it into an existing business and it’s been consistent for the last five years that I’ve known him. And that’s what I always look for as longevity. Um, and uh, we do have a special offer in there, which is pretty cool. And uh, I’d love to hear that it helps you. So send me a note, let’s get into the podcast and we’ll come back to the eCommerce women in podcasts. We’re excited about having a return guest. I can not believe it’s been three years since we talked. I went back and looked. I’m like, no way has it been that long cause we talk personally, uh, on and off all the time and it just blows my mind. So welcome back Greg Purdy.

Greg:                                     [03:33]                     Hey Steven. It’s good to be back three years, dude. It doesn’t seem like it. It’s crazy. I’m sitting in the same place I was three years.

Stephen:                             [03:42]                     You know, it’s funny, I’m not because I’m in a much bigger warehouse. Um, however you were episode number two and that was the other one. That was almost five years ago. And I think about where you went from that, you know, that episode two to three years ago and your business evolved. Um, now three years later and talking with you, your business has evolved again. Right.

Greg:                                     [04:07]                     And it will continue to, but yes, it’s uh, it’s always something new that, that fits my personality very well.

Stephen:                             [04:16]                     That that part of it’s real, right? That that’s hard to find things that fit your person out because you see other people and I’m sure you’re a guy just like me who says, Ooh, I could do well, but you wouldn’t love it. How is it a maturity thing since you hit 50, you and I are about the same age. Is it a maturity thing for you not to go after the shiny object?

Greg:                                     [04:36]                     No, no, no. I still do. I still do. Um, so I’ve not matured that much. That’s for sure. I recognize is, I think it’s a maturity thing that I recognize that’s my problem, but it’s not matured me enough that I’ve been able to resist it at this point.

Stephen:                             [04:54]                     Well, do you have some resistance at least? I mean, are you able to filter some out and say, no, no, that’s an easy, no,

Greg:                                     [05:00]                     not enough from experience though, right. It’s from being burned in the past and you, and you actually have a memory of it, um, or you just know that th the likelihood of it ending well is probably not there. So, um, but yeah, I mean that’s why prior to Amazon, I was attracted trailer driver and I saw something different all day, every day. And that suited my personality and this business, you know, working online, you know, of course it has its downfalls because I can click around and the next thing you know, I’m, I’m, I’m researching things on Google that are not part of my business, but, um, you know, it at least I know that if I get bored sitting at the desk, I can get up and walk into the warehouse or I can go out and do something else. So it’s pull you right back.

Stephen:                             [05:52]                     I mean, is that because I think about that a lot, you know? Um, so if we do some RA or something like that, it gets me laser focused. When I start to drift, I find myself, Ooh, if I can just do this, boom, it kind of brings me back. It does. And it reignites the excitement

Greg:                                     [06:09]                     to either cause it, especially if you get out and you and you, like you say RA, you go ahead and buy something. It was like, wow, that was great. You know, and then, and you write, you know, you get excited again and then you go listed and you know, yeah, it’s a, it definitely tends to, uh, to, to refocus if you, um, if you start to drift a little bit, you know, just step away and, and go do that. One thing that, uh, that, that brings it back around for you.

Stephen:                             [06:40]                     We, uh, as, as you and I, we’ve talked about, we’ve had it RA back into our business. Um, my son, my, my younger son who graduated from college and his friend who graduated from college, both work for us full time now and they are so enthusiastic. It’s funny, I look at them as kids and yet not that long ago, you and I were those kids in this business and we had that same enthusiasm member hat.

Greg:                                     [07:04]                     Oh, I do. And I, I’m envious of the, the kids will call them today because they’ve got the internet, which we didn’t have. Right. So I mean I was buying and selling as early as 18, um, is when I started running ads in newspapers and magazines. I was buying cars and stripping them out Mustangs specifically. And um, you know, back then, you know, the old 65 to 73 Mustangs were everywhere and I was buying them up and I had a lot of them sitting around and I would run ads in the Baltimore sun newspaper seven days a week and all the issues in the mornings on the, at the evening sun, they had the Sunday sun. Um, and I had knew I had ads in every one of them in the classified section that I was buying and selling and trading Mustang park. And I was running ads in Hemmings motor news, which was going across the world.

Greg:                                     [07:51]                     And I was running into that Mark Tang monthly magazine and, and since some of the Ford magazines and whatnot, and you know, that was how you reached your audience or you go to Carlisle where you live and you’d set up at the car show, which I did that year after year after year. That was how you reached the audience and who now, you know, the, the kids will call them, can go online and, and log into a website and type a few words and they’ve had the potential to reach thousands or hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. Now, the reality, they probably won’t reach that many, but they’ll reach out enough that the odds are the chances of selling that item go way up. It’s exponential. And, um, I, I, I envy that. Obviously I don’t wait a bit,

Stephen:                             [08:39]                     right. A little bit. Not the, not getting up early and coming to Carlisle and that and sleeping in campers or crappy hotels. That was fun of like living those Berkus life. And that was fun. Yeah, there is a, there’s still huge shows. One just finished, uh, two weeks last weekend. Maybe, maybe last weekend, this last one for the year. And it’s still, it’s huge now. It’s definitely smaller than what they’ve been, but it’s interesting and I’ll give you a good story. So my brother-in-law, uh, who has, uh, I guess it’s a Chevy that he’s got an old Chevy and he’s, he’s like, I can’t wait to come to the car. He came for a couple of days and we went to the show and I, to be honest with you, I’ve not really experienced it at that level. We went to the auction and we were not bidding, but we had a VIP thing and we did the whole thing.

Stephen:                             [09:21]                     And to see his enthusiasm and he’s like, look, I can go online and buy these parts, but I’m looking, I want to touch him. And it was weird to see and I thought to myself, huh, there is still a market for it for him. He’s completely gone the opposite way. There’s certain things he doesn’t care about, he’ll buy online, but there are certain things he wants to see that it’s authentic, he wants to feel and touch it. And it was interest. I watched that and I thought, huh, the air there, if you have the right product and you know your audience, there’s still a way to do business, uh, without e-commerce in that world.

Greg:                                     [09:56]                     And you know, they have the same problems in the, in the, we’ll call it the real world that, that we experience on Amazon or any commerce, you know, it on Amazon is there’s always a chance that they’re going to accuse you of selling a counterfeit. Well, you know, in the, in the, we’ll say the auto parts world just to select that,...





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