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Take Control of Your Finances and Change Your Money Mindset with Denise Thomas
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Take Control of Your Finances and Change Your Money Mindset with Denise Thomas



















Welcome! Today’s guest is Denise Thomas, a Money Mindset Mentor for the new wave of online female entrepreneurs. She has writtenLucky Bitch and Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, which are fresh, funny roadmaps to create an outrageously successful life in business. Denise helps women take control of their finances. Join us and learn how Denise can change your mindset about MONEY!


“I constantly practice the acknowledgement of gratitude for good things that happen.”
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  • Tell me a little about yourself and your “out there” personality.

Even as a little girl, I always wanted to help people, like maybe being a teacher or public speaker. It seems like people were always saying that I was too loud, so I withdrew somewhat. My extrovert side came out more during college, but I felt that light “dim” in the workplace later on.

  • What would you say to people about finding their authentic selves?

Everyone feels the same way: like everyone else has everything together and they don’t. It’s tricky to learn to trust yourself. I find that many women circle back to things they loved as a kid.

  • How did you come up with the name “Lucky Bitch”?

It’s a funny story, really. I entered a competition to win six months of all-expenses paid travel around the world and told my friends that I would win. I finally did win, and people kept saying, “You’re a lucky bitch!” The name comes from a playful, lighthearted place.


“You can hack any success down to where opportunity meets preparation.”
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  • How do you deal with those who are offended by the name “Lucky Bitch”?

I actually got less resistance than I expected. Being bold about what you stand for is a great way to sift out your “peeps” vs. “not your peeps.”

  • How did you get into astrology and how do you use it?

It’s my positive anchor for guidance, and it helps me come up with blog post ideas. I had a reading one time that gave me a theme for every month, which was a great springboard for monthly blog posts. I mostly use it for inspiration.

  • How do you get rid of the imposter syndrome and “money blocks”?

Everyone has the same negative thought patterns around money—more women than men. We think we are the only ones who have it and that everyone else “has it all together.” It’s important to NOT copy what everyone else does.


“There is so much freedom in giving yourself permission to be exactly who you are.”
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  • How do you help women get over “money blocks”?

First of all, having money blocks is NOT a sign that you’re not meant to have money. I always say, “Clear your money blocks, but you can’t clear them completely. You have to dance with them.” Look at situations that feel hard, heavy, and icky; find the underlying issues. If you hit an income plateau, look at where you are making it hard on yourself. There are three main money blocks:

*”I have to work hard to have money.”

*”Making more money just means that I’m greedy.”

*”I can either help people or make money, but not both.”

Martyrdom, burnout, resentment, and creative constipation will result when you have

  • Did you every have any money blocks?

Of course—HUGE ones! The biggest one for me was, “You have to work hard to make money.” Since I grew up in a single parent family, I felt guilty when I started making money while my mom was still working hard. Money doesn’t solve your money blocks.

  • How do you get “up” when you are “down”?

I have crises in business but they don’t last long. I get support from appropriate places and have learned that you can’t share your business problems with everybody.

  • What is your success factor?

Persistence and consistency


“The biggest tool is awareness.”
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Lightning Round:

  • The trophy you want on your mantel? “Best Friend”
  • Your guilty pleasure? Reality TV
  • What you’re currently reading? The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer
  • Your productivity hack? “Set strong public deadlines.”
  • Your personal motto? “The day you do it is your lucky day.”
  • What would you do differently? “Be less hard on myself.”


“You can’t help the whole planet if you burn yourself out.”
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