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Welcome to the Adventure! | Episode 1
18th July 2019 • Beautiful Baggage • Stephanie Martin Taylor
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Welcome to the Adventure! | Episode 1

Hello and welcome to my brand new podcast, all about the amazing benefits of travel and adventure! In this brief introduction to the podcast, I talk about:

  • Why I believe cultivating a sense of adventure is critical to our personal development
  • My background as a traveler, journalist, and cultivator of new experiences
  • How repeatedly pushing myself out of my comfort zone has changed my life for the better
  • Why listening to this podcast can help you collect your own "beautiful baggage", making you healthier, more emotionally resilient, more creative, and more joyful

So, if you're along for the ride (and I hope you are!), please bookmark my website: From there, you can sign up for my weekly newsletter so that you never miss an episode. I also invite you to be part of my communities on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Looking forward to exploring the benefits of travel adventure with you! Stephanie