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After The Gridiron - Lyle Green
EP 50: Interview With Former Heisman Trophy Winner Charlie Ward
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EP 50: Interview With Former Heisman Trophy Winner Charlie Ward

Charlie had an outstanding college career and is one of the greatest athletes of our generation. He didn't start playing sports until 5th grade because his parents didn't let him play organized sports until then. He didn't have a favourite sport, he just enjoyed playing them all. He was a natural athlete and played many sports. He and his friends even created sports to play to stay active. He was introduced to football by his dad who coached. He got to play quarterback after an injury, without the knowledge of his mother who was against it. He chose Florida State due to its closeness to home, as well as the fact that Coach Bobby Bowden was going to let him play basketball as well. He rewarded the coach with a National Title, the first in school history, and a Heisman Trophy. After college, he didn't commit to football which hurt his draft status. He wanted to play his Senior year in basketball as well as prepare for the NBA draft, so he went undrafted in the NFL. He was selected by the Knicks and enjoyed a great career, playing in an NBA Final. He is now coaching basketball in Florida and helping to shape the next generation of young athletes. He also has a foundation that is doing great things in the community as well. For more on Charlie and all that he's doing now, follow the links below.