Episode 55: THREE SKELETON KEY – Old Time Radio with VINCENT PRICE
28th March 2012 • ScreamQueenz: Where Horror Gets GAY! • Patrick K. Walsh
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I'm fighting off the flu and laryngitis, so I've had to scrap my original plan for the show. Instead we're firing up the ol' WayBack Machine to journey once again to the Golden Age of Radio! This time, we're meeting VINCENT PRICE to spend the night at a creepy, nearly abandoned lighthouse. The only problem is, there are some other guests on the way. Thousands of them. And they're hungry. Really hungry! This week's classic chiller is called THREE SKELETON KEY and originally aired on the CBS's hit show ESCAPE! on March 17, 1950. Better stock up on some cheese before you listen to this one! Also, if you missed me in this year's BIG GAY SING with the NEW YORK CITY GAY MEN'S CHORUS, fear not! Despite my vocal restrictions, I give an account so detailed ans so stirring that you are actually in danger of getting blinded by imaginary sequins! ALL HAIL THE GAY AGENDA!!! [youlist vid="iklPhkRK2Hk"]

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