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CISO Insiders with Jason Wolpow | Head of Cybersecurity Recruitment at Lawrence Harvey | Episode 80
Episode 805th March 2024 • CISO insiders • GRSee Consulting
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 In this special episode of CISO Insiders, we welcome Jason Wolpow, the head of cybersecurity recruitment at Lawrence Harvey. Jason Wolpow, together with Ben Ben Aderet, tackle key challenges while sharing key insights on the recruitment side of the cybersecurity industry.

 This special episode will tackle the following topics:

  • The need for more cybersecurity practitioners.
  • Positive and optimistic trends for the cybersecurity job market this year.
  • Lowering and breaking down the barrier of entry into the cybersecurity industry.
  • Encouraging professionals from all backgrounds to get into cybersecurity.
  • Career progression in Governance, Response, and Compliance (GRC).

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

 ”If you’re listening to this and looking for your first job within cybersecurity, please don’t box yourself out and limit yourself, because there’s so much more.”

 “At the end of the day, whether you are at the very technical domain of cybersecurity or the less-technical domain, there will still be opportunities to move up and turn into a leader.”

 “One of the most important things in a CISO’s seat is that board interaction and the executive buy-in.”

 “Stay persistent. It’s going to be tough; it’s not always going to be fun. Some people do have very high expectations. But stick with it, because it’s very rewarding.”

00:36 Guest Introduction and professional journey

02:46 Icebreaker questions

03:58 What do you do as the head of cybersecurity recruitment?

05:20 Biggest failure and key learnings

07:42 What is the biggest accomplishment in your career?

09:01 What is your high-level view of the cybersecurity industry as of the moment?

10:32 What is your view on the barrier of entry to the cybersecurity industry?

13:05 What is the most common entry level position that you’re able to recruit for?

14:20 What are your thoughts on what would be the career path of a SOC analyst compared to an entry level position in GRC?

16:38 Advice to newcomers and anyone that wants to pursue a career in cybersecurity

18:21 What are some of the current trends in the cybersecurity industry?

20:04 What’s the most crucial skills a CISO should have?

22:19 Do CISOs report to an IT organization or outside of it?

25:15 What are some key characteristics that you are looking for in different roles as compared to recruiting a CISO?

27:11 What is your advice to people taking their first steps into the industry?

29:04 What are some helpful tips to individuals that are trying to gain a foothold in the industry?

33:02 What’s the best way to connect with you?

33:41 Final question and closing comments - If money was not an issue, what would you do with your life?

 Get ahead in your professional journey and gain valuable cybersecurity insights.

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