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Audrey Hammonds on Women in Tech, COBOL, and the #SQLFamily
1st December 2017 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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In this episode, Frank and Andy catch up with Audrey Hammonds, the other half of the Data Chix duo.


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Notable Quotes

Frank’s cold/allergies ([1:00])
Andy is now Enterprise Data & Analytics‘ Chief Data Engineer ([2:00])
Frank wants to be more like Buck Woody ([3:00])
Innovative Architects ([3:50])
Hurricane Irma disrupted Data Driven! ([5:00])
Data Chix ([5:20])
Palm Beach Tech Association ([5:45])
Audrey lives at the beach ([8:00])
Audrey escaped COBOL… ([9:50])
… and learned Oracle in the Air Force ([12:00])
On COBOL… ([13:00])
Audrey studied Bio-Medical Engineering in college ([14:30])
On building toys for children with prosthetics… ([15:15])
“I’m right here!” – Andy ([17:20])
On Andy’s phone calls… ([17:35])
“I’ve been trapped in here with me for decades, and I am not impressed.” ([21:45])
On Women if Tech… ([23:00])
Being a woman in IT… “It’s a double-edged sword” ([25:20])
Microsoft Flow ([27:00])
“If you don’t like learning, this is a terrible field…” – Frank ([28:15])
We are constantly learning… ([29:00])
Weaponized hacking ([30:00])
Shoutout to the Frank and Andy show about Elon Musk ([32:40])
Data is the new oil ([33:30])
Audrey is putting PowerBI in SPACE! ([36:00])
Movie reference: Hackers ([39:30])
Book Reference: Wheel of Time ([40:30])
Book Reference: Paradox Bound ([41:15])
Book Reference: Ready Player One ([42:00])
Sci-fi television reference: Stargate ([44:00])
Sci-fi television reference: Battlestar Gallactica ([44:30])
Back to school for Audrey! ([45:30])
Randy Dyess’ first sci-fi book: First Contact: Spider Wars: Book 1 ([49:00])
Mark Russinovich’s book: Zero Day ([50:00])
“I don’t always know what I’m doing.” ([53:00])
“Be ready to fail many, many, many, many times before you get it right.” ([54:00])
#SqlFamily shoutout ([56:45])