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INVESTTHIS - Scott Bower EPISODE 84, 10th October 2019
INVESTTHIS EP 84: In The Zone of Success
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INVESTTHIS EP 84: In The Zone of Success

This episode will motivate you towards success!

Today’s guests, Steve Enns and Josh Alter, Founders of Tallbridge Investments, tell their story of how they quit their day jobs to pursue their dream of real estate investing. Get ready to hear a fantastic story that begins with Steve and Josh almost being conned out of $40K! You will hear what changed their lives. (Hint: Justin Colby, host of The Science of Flipping is involved).

Josh Alter and Steve Enns are two dads and best friends who are living out their dreams by building a real estate company that is centered around supporting their families and fulfilling their passions.

Based on this commitment, they are creating a legacy for their families when they established Tallbridge Investment Corp. in 2015 – a real estate services company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Josh and Steve specialize in buying and selling off-market properties in the United States. They offer a broad and diverse portfolio of real estate solutions and off-market investment opportunities.

In today’s episode, you will be motivated to chase your dreams, from motivational-speaker in the making, Steve Enns. We also discuss how they started and grew their business as well as what the next 5 years of growth will look like.


Tip of the Day:

Take action, fall forward, repeat. -Steve Enns

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