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Struggling for 2020 Vision - An Interview with Kirsten Beverley-Waters
Episode 2727th October 2020 • Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen • Heather Hester
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027 - In this episode, Heather chats with Kirsten Beverley-Waters about her new book, Struggle Guru. Kirsten is a fitness instructor, devoted yogi, personal growth champion and coach, and LGBTQ public speaker. The guiding principles she shares come from decades of personal experience as well as experience coaching others.

You will love finding out how to access your struggle guru because if 2020 has taught us nothing else it is that we all struggle! You will also learn how to adjust your internal compass.

Everything Kirsten and Heather discuss can be found on Kirsten's website -

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Remember that you are not alone on this journey! 

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