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Passenger Safety & Compliance With Block Island Ferry | Boating Insider S2 EP4
Episode 412th March 2024 • Boating Insider • Vessel Vanguard
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In this episode, Chris and Brian from Block Island Ferry discuss their operation of the ferry to Block Island. They highlight the vital resources and services they bring to the island's community, including emergency services and daily supplies. They also emphasize the importance of passenger safety and compliance with Coast Guard regulations. The conversation covers topics such as preparing for Coast Guard inspections, running simulated emergency exercises, and mitigating risks of electric vehicle fires. Chris and Brian also discuss the partnership between the ferry industry and the Coast Guard in shaping regulations and improving safety practices.


- Operating a ferry service to Block Island involves providing vital resources and services to the island's community.

- Passenger safety is the top priority, and compliance with Coast Guard regulations is essential.

- The ferry industry and the Coast Guard have a partnership to improve safety practices and shape regulations.

- Running simulated emergency exercises helps prepare for potential incidents, such as electric vehicle fires.


00:00 Introduction To Block Island Ferry

01:51 Bringing Vital Resources

02:56 Trip Frequencies

04:16 Running Midsize Ferry Operations

06:11 The Block Island Ferry Mindset

06:55 Having Fun In the Operation

08:36 Presenting At The PVA

09:28 "1-2 Good Ideas Could Pay For Your Whole Trip"

11:34 Fostering Conversations In The Community

12:31 Bringing Back Information

13:11 Learning From The Community

15:31 Electric Car Fires On Ferries

17:57 Tabletop Exercises In Emergencies

21:05 USCG & PVA

22:52 Wrap Up




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