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Theft of Catalytic Converters with Peter Neilson [RR 545]
Episode 54516th June 2020 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Peter Nielson is the Hybrid Guy in the hybrid and electric car space of our industry. His company Certified Auto Consulting, came about to help other niche companies inside the hybrid and electric car market grow. As an independent contractor for sites like TorqueNews, he use his professional skill set to help others achieve success. Peter is always looking to help any specialty shop get more on their bottom line, but he is partial to the hybrid market at this time. 

He is  currently working towards building a hybrid repair and training facility. He want to provide quality hybrid and electric car training material to shops and schools. He will also do charity repair work for families that have children with cancer. Building his personal brand and influence will allow him to make a bigger impact. 

Peter have been key in launching the Cat Security™ protective shield. He has also been studying under Craig VanBatenburg to become a west coast trainer for ACDC. He has a great sense of online marketing and sales that has helped many other small businesses grow exponentially. Something interesting about him is that he have now owned 9 hybrid cars. He enjoy solving problems on hybrids which is one reason he keeps buying them. 

On a more personal note, He has been married for 12 years this year and have 3 boys. He holds a bachelor of science in Automotive Technology from Weber State University In Ogden Utah.

Key Talking Points:

  • Author and writer for TorqueNewsStarted working on hybrid vehicles and became involved with hybrid Facebook groups. One of the administrators was Chief Editor for TorqueNews and reached out.
  • Cat converter theft- multi billion dollar black market industryPrecious metals are densely packed and sold. Prices for precious metals are constantly changing. 
  • Recently, China has sought after Palladium- roughly worth over $2000/ounce
  • Prius converters very popular especially Generation IIHave 2 separate converters
  • Easily taken off 
  • Toyota of San Francisco dealership- over past 3 months had almost 600 replacement converters
  • Can cost car owner over $5000 to replace converter
  • Cap City Muffler- Cat Security Shield ( had converter stolen twice within few weeks, owner designed shield to cover without compromising vehicle
  • Designed per vehicle- tailored fit
  • Price for insurance to replace cat converter is $2,500+Some insurance companies will cover it, some will total vehicle


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