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Episode 280: PART 2 – Sales Advice From My Friend Who Makes Over $10,000,000 A Year
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Episode 280: PART 2 – Sales Advice From My Friend Who Makes Over $10,000,000 A Year

Episode 280: PART 2 – Sales Advice From My Friend Who Makes Over $10,000,000 A Year

So I got blown up everywhere…
from the juicy awesome goodness on a podcast, I did last week!

Everyone seemed to want more! So that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

This is really really cool stuff. Sometimes it requires a bit of extra work to connect the dots, but if you’re a nerdy learner it’s really interesting stuff. If you haven’t already, listen to the first episode in this series, then come back here!

We left off speaking about messaging, so that’s where we’ll pick it back up. There are 4 quadrants to messaging. You want to talk about your company while balancing it with your struggles and weaknesses pair with your strengths and why you are different and your current beliefs and how they’ve changed.

Asking a question is always a huge stopping point. It triggers the attention of your listeners and makes you want to watch it. This is a small little tidbit of a hack.

We’ll also go over the 4 beliefs on how to serve your customers at such a high level!

One other thing we chat about is true change. True change doesn’t come from just the steps. A checklist of steps doesn’t necessarily help. There’s so much more emotional baggage in your head and there are accountability and implementation issues.  There isn’t an information problem, it’s a behavior problem.

I have made about $8,000 since starting my business on February 26, 2018 <3 Thanks Josh! – Moriah Joelle

Are you interested to hear more? Well, ya gotta listen in today! 

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