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Ep. 035 – PD – Getting over Imposter Syndrome & Other Internal Barriers to Reach Your Full Potential – Mind Re-Mapping and Manifestation Retreat
Episode 3630th December 2019 • The Physician's Road • Eric S. Tait M.D., MBA
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The Mind Re-Mapping & Manifestation Retreat 

Chateau Elan

February 1st. 2020


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Dr. Maiysha Clairborne and Dr. Mani Saint-Victor –

You have to get your mind right


We talk with Drs. Clairborne & Saint-Victor about how their unique backgrounds in medicine have led them to create this transformational retreat.

Dr. Clairborne relates how her early career experiences led her to burnout and to almost take her own life before discovering her own path.

Dr. Saint-Victor talks about how immigrant parental pressure guided his early career in medicine and caused his own internal struggles around identity, and cultural, and familial expectations.

Dr. Clairborne practices integrative medicine and has training in acupuncture, coaching, neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy and focuses primarily on getting to the root of people’s problems and not just focusing on clinical symptoms. Through this process she helps people change their behavior to be able to change their lives and outcomes.

Dr. Saint-Victor has a background in psychiatry and computer programming and has a long-standing fascination with the way a computer works, juxtaposed with how the human brain works. With this background he helps physicians use mental models to create an identity that is not just wrapped up in being a physician.

The Mind Re-Mapping and Manifestation Retreat –

Change cannot occur until your thought process changes.

Removing self doubt, imposter syndrome, the same obstacles reappearing over and over again in your life, defining and reaching fulfillment in your life, and how to remove the blind spots that may be holding you back are all areas that will be tackled during this retreat.

How does the pattern of being a physician affect how we view the world and interact with others? And does that in some ways limit us?

During this retreat you will -

1)     Reconnect with yourself

2)     Get clarity on what you want out of life

3)     Act towards your goals and eliminate your fears

4)     Reconnect and discover your deepest values

5)     Remove the negative thoughts and negative self-talk

6)     Increase your performance in your given arena

7)     Decrease your incidence of self-sabotage

8)     Begin to operate within your purpose

9)     Take away the tools to maintain the transformation you’ve just undergone

Come and enjoy a beautiful resort as well

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The Mind Re-Mapping & Manifestation Retreat 

Chateau Elan

February 1st. 2020

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