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Marketing That Converts - Teresa Heath-Wareing EPISODE 99, 13th January 2020
Easy Ways To Save Time When Managing Your Social Media Channels
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Easy Ways To Save Time When Managing Your Social Media Channels

This week we’re talking about all of the ways you can save time whilst managing your social media channels. In a busy industry it’s important you’re doing all that you can to grow your social media, without having to spend hours and hours on your phone. There are so many vital parts to running successful accounts and you need to be sure you’re able to them, without forgetting to engage with your followers too. Luckily, I have lots of tips and tricks to help you!




  • LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are really good for interacting with personal and business accounts, especially if you own the account.
  • The first thing you should do is think about the aims for your social media platforms. Are you trying to grow your following? Are you trying to connect with your audience? From there, you should think about your target audience. Chances are, this will be the same target audience that you have for your business.
  • You should write down a list of keywords and hashtags that your customers are using. People often think that they should be using hashtags that show what you do, however, your customers won’t be looking at that. This will help you find your audience.
  • It’s important to think about your competitors and places where you customers might be.
  • When it comes to staying on top of your social media, you need to ensure you have content scheduled. Depending on how often you schedule your content, you need to ensure you’re checking within enough time.
  • Liking and sharing other people’s content every single day is incredibly important. Using the hashtags you’ve collected, you’ll be able to find plenty of content to share. Have a number of posts in mind that you want to engage with and ensure you do it every day. This will help you reach out to your audience and people that may want to follow you.
  • When engaging with other accounts, make sure your comments are meaningful.
  • Occasionally, you might want to carry out an account clean up. This means getting rid of accounts that are no longer active or accounts that no longer align with your values.
  • Every now and again, you may want to review your ‘About Me’ section and links.


You need to check notifications at least three times a day, minimum. Make it part of your routine and you’ll soon get used to it.


  • Which Platforms Are We Covering? – 05:15
  • Where Should You Start? – 06:00
  • Moving Forward with Your Accounts and Being Proactive – 09:00