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287: Michael Andor Brodeur – The true meaning of muscle in a gay mans world
Episode 27931st May 2024 • 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk. • Rick Clemons
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Men, muscle and masculinity. It seems to be that constant tug-of-war in our male psyche. Then add to the mix being gay, and suddenly we're a mess. Whether you're a muscle chaser, worshipper, or it's not your thing, there is that swole that happens in your loins when you feast upon a man, regardless of how you land on the muscle spectrum. Taking a deep dive into muscle, men, and masculinity, virgin, first-time author Michal Andor Brodeur helps us kick off Pride Season with the question - is that a muscle or are you just happy to see me - LOL. Enjoy!

In this episode we

  • Explore why muscle has become such a gay pursuit
  • Uncover the balance between masculinity and muscle
  • Debate whether muscle makes you more of a man

About Michael

Michael Andor Brodeur has been the classical music critic at the Washington Post since 2020. Previously, he held editorial and staff-writer positions at the Boston Globe and Boston’s Weekly Dig. His essays, humor, and criticism have also appeared in Nylon, Thrillist, Entrepreneur, Medium, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and other publications. He has also released 5 music albums under different monikers, most recently writing and performing electronic music under the name New Dad. His newest book is "SWOLE: The Making of Men and the Meaning of Muscle," released May 28.

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