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MY OT Journey - Jtribe Radio EPISODE 22, 3rd November 2020
Students in CHRG: Telehealth
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Students in CHRG: Telehealth

Welcome to Students in CHRG! On our first episode, we cover a relevant topic in today’s world- telehealth! Given this new shift in healthcare delivery due to the pandemic, we discuss whether or not we believe telehealth is here to stay. As fieldwork students at Corbin Health & Rehab Group, we’re excited to research and share the benefits and effectiveness of utilizing telehealth for occupational therapy sessions, and explore its relevance to occupational therapy practitioners, especially in the time of COVID-19. We incorporate evidence based research articles, as well as discuss some of our own experience with telehealth as students to determine the benefits, limitations, and patient perspectives on this emerging practice field.

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Medical Economics. 



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