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Season 3 It's a Wrap | JackieMarie Beyer recoups 2021
9th January 2022 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Rebel Homemaker by Drew Barrymore and Chef Pillar


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Gardenary Podcast with Nicole Burke

The Living Soil Handbook: The No-Till Grower's Guide to Ecological Market Gardening

The Living Soil Handbook: The No-Till Grower's Guide to Ecological Market Gardening

Niki Jabbour

Christy Wilhelmi Gardenerd

Sharon Lovejoy

Trowel and Error- Over 700 Organic Remedies, Shortcuts, and Tips for the Gardener

Trowel and Error: Over 700 Organic Remedies, Shortcuts, and Tips for the Gardener

Fungarium: Welcome to the Museum



Magnolia Network

 Growing Floret with Erin Benzakein


Magnolia Journal


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JackieMarie Beyer (1s):


JackieMarie Beyer (54s):

started this podcast back in:

JackieMarie Beyer (1m 38s):

Anyway, yesterday's episode, they still dropped tons of golden seeds. Dave talks about mushrooms that I know people have been asking me about. And I think that there were just, there were so many great episodes in season three. You know, some of my highlights were definitely starting out with both Brandon Youst and Daniel Mays last year at this time, December 31st and January 1st. I mean, Brandon Youst was such a game changer in my life. Cause I'm still eating those salad jars and still thinking about doing some kind of salad jar lunch club thing in my town. I've been inspired by Chef Pillar.

JackieMarie Beyer (2m 18s):

w Golden Listener of the year:

JackieMarie Beyer (3m 7s):

I love what Reese Witherspoon said with her about living in a world of abundance. If we all work together and cooperate, we can go so much further together, which is especially interesting cause I'm been watching the Morning Show, which is on like Apple TV with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in there. That's like a whole other show. But another thing like I posted on Instagram, if you follow me in Instagram and it should have, usually when I post to Instagram, it should go to Facebook too about this like awesome farm, the Gentle Barn, which I think their main place is in Tennessee, but they also have, it could be in California and then they have a third one in Missouri and they're going to come on and be guests.

JackieMarie Beyer (3m 52s):

Or at least they said they would. I reached out to them where they like they rescue cows that have been like abused. I think probably I imagine from like dairy farm, I don't know where they're getting their cows, but then they also rescue people by allowing people to come hug the cows. And they just say, it's like this incredible feeling that people can really get a lot of benefit from the power of a hug and from hugging cows. So the people, the cows get better, you have to know as a show up my alley. And so hopefully, so I posted about that because I just feel like I just feel like we really need to focus on mental health.

JackieMarie Beyer (4m 32s):

And I think gardening's a part of that. Like eating healthy is going to help your mental health. Being in the garden is going to help your mental health. I think people will have to keep still giving themselves grace. I've had a few people writing to me lately, about how hard just as been to participate either online or in different places this year. I know I'm super excited to get out and go to like some live workshops. I'm still, I'm just getting to the point where I can like open my computer up again and not like cringe and like getting like for almost, I don't know, since I got back from New York last May, so it's been three quarters of a year.

JackieMarie Beyer (5m 13s):

I have like literally, my computer has been like a magnet that I'm like the polar opposite. Like I've only been able to do like the bare minimum on it. And so I'm getting to the point again where I'm not working on it so much so that when I do open it, it's more enjoyable. And like getting back to writing, getting back to connecting, I've been doing a lot of work for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I got the Illustrator Coordinator position this year. So I've been trying to connect there. I'm super excited to meet those people in person, because again, so sick of zoom and doing anything online. But anyway, I'm hoping to bring you some great episodes. The three guests that I didn't interview already, I think you're going to love Lee Reich came back and talked about his new book growing figs, but also he just had some great things.

JackieMarie Beyer (6m 2s):

And especially he talks about, he wrote a book about espallier I think is how you pronounce it, which is like Patti Armbrister. Also talked about that when we were doing the grow live videos last spring, we started out or last January we were doing every Saturday up until July Patti and I got on YouTube and would talk about a different topic. And Patti made these phenomenal webinars. So if you haven't seen them and you're not sick of watching things on YouTube, definitely check those out. She, really like over-prepared most supposed to be a Q and A more came out with like Patti, just teaching cause she's just such a natural teacher.

JackieMarie Beyer (6m 43s):

Those were amazing. Then Aileen and I, after we met in person in April, when I went to see my parents did the Soil Sista Saturdays, the summer talking about what we were growing. I certainly grew more stuff than I ever did before, this summer I kind of started this little gardening business. You've probably heard me talk a little bit about it was supposed to be Local Organic Lawncare. Cause I just wanted to get outside mow lawns, but people were more interested in me helping them plant their gardens. So that was kind of fun and new. And I ended up planting a lot more food here for one lady who hired me to plant her greenhouse. But then her house still is still not finished. They're almost done.

JackieMarie Beyer (7m 23s):

I think at this point, hopefully we'll be able to get her greenhouse this year. But the amazing thing about it was I was so inspired by how much I learned about helping people with their landscapes. And so I'm, and I've been inspired by Nicole Burke from Gardenary. So if you have not checked out Nicole Burke's podcast, Grow Yourself, I don't know what you're waiting for, but to me she's one of the top garden podcasters out there. I just, I love her show. And she also helps you, if you want to become a garden, coach, learn how to do that. Other great highlights from this year, Jesse Frost's book finally came out and we are going to give a one of Jesse's books away.

JackieMarie Beyer (8m 6s):

So not quite sure how that contest is going to work, but I'll try to get that in the works, but I have an extra copy of Jessie's amazing book. And I wanted to give that to a listener. And speaking of listeners, I have to give a huge shout out. I want to say her name is Maria in. Hold on, let me put pause. Yeah. Maria DiLeo bought me 20 cups of coffee. That's a hundred dollars listeners! That means she paid for like a whole month of the Green Organic Garden. And she's in Spain and she's learning from the guests just like you and I all about permaculture. So huge shout out. Thank you so much Maria.

JackieMarie Beyer (8m 48s):

You have no idea how that brightened my day. It just made my heart feel good that somebody was out there and willing to support the show and help keep it going. Because right now all this stuff comes out of my own pocket. Forget all the time that I invest. But you know, it's definitely an act of love. And I love sharing with you, these great, amazing guests. I love sharing their stories on the learning along with you. I love being inspired and hopefully we're making change on the planet by growing healthy food the organic way. I mean, you'll hear me talk about with Nicky and Dave, somebody called Sod Soil or I don't even know who they were?Sod solutions like their number two tip was spray glyphosate, kill everything in your lawn that's not going right to restart your lawn.

JackieMarie Beyer (9m 38s):

like the challenge we ran in:

JackieMarie Beyer (10m 21s):

So like flowers may be, you normally buy a bouquet or I planted sunflowers one year because I wanted bird seed because we spend so much money on bird seed. So my goal was to play at 750 sunflowers, which I did do. So that was my challenge. So maybe be thinking about what is one plant or one herb or one flower or one vegetable that you can grow that you normally buy. If you're a new gardener, I would suggest just like trying to grow enough for like the summer season or like one harvest worth. Like maybe you're gonna pick carrots.

JackieMarie Beyer (11m 0s):

So carrots, you would harvest in the fall. But like, so that you don't have to buy any carrots for your family for like two months in the fall this year, or maybe you're gonna pick lettuce, which is kind of a hard one. I mean, for me, I let us every day of the year, 365 days, sometimes several times a day, sometimes two salads a day. So, you know, pick a vegetable or something that you're going to grow. And if you are a more seasoned person, maybe you're gonna pick a vegetable that you're gonna grow for the whole year. I mean, Mike has gotten to the point where we rarely ever have to buy potatoes or carrots at all anymore. It's not just me skipping the grocery store, the produce aisle from August to November anymore.

JackieMarie Beyer (11m 44s):

st started my podcast back in:

JackieMarie Beyer (12m 36s):

The show much valuable Sharon Lovejoy who wrote I've got her book sitting right here Trowel and Error among many other great garden bucks. We just, I had tons of authors last year. It was so exciting. So I hope that you will grow your own. And I hope if you, you know, Jean Martin Fortier got to give a plug to him and Growers & Co. because their clothes are just phenomenal. I love my t-shirt that I got, I wish I could afford to buy more of their clothes. You know, the garden pants with the knee pads is my next goal. Or if I could fit into the overalls, I would definitely buy a pair of those. Remember the Canadian exchange, I think it's, you know, whatever the price is.

JackieMarie Beyer (13m 21s):

I think it's less expensive if you buy it with American dollars. Our broadfork, we love that we got Mike used it all year, did turn the whole mini farm over with that. You know, Nicky and Dave and I talked about this book, Fungoriam and even though the book is really detailed and do I daresay kind of boring, I mean, it's really a lot of science. My mom's like, who is this book written for? Because it's really certain like high school college level. I think information they're like a third grader or fifth grader, but it's got these beautiful illustrations and there's an illustration of the soil food web in that book that really just makes you understand what's going on down there.

JackieMarie Beyer (14m 1s):

So that was the P it was funny. Cause then I walked into the library. It was open to the page on what is it? microchorizae fungi . I've got to learn how to say that anyway, what else can I tell you about It's a Wrap? So, one thing I didn't like last year was I was trying to get off the podcasting hamster wheel. And so I recorded almost everything in November, December and January, few more episodes in the spring. And then like things that I recorded in July, I'm just releasing now. And I just feel like things kind of got away from me. I got kind of disconnected from the audience, from the podcast and so kind of looking forward more to getting back to, you know, doing an interview and releasing it a little sooner and not having 20 episodes in the bank.

JackieMarie Beyer (14m 49s):

Plus it also kind of makes me feel like, you know, there's always that I should be doing this. I should be doing this, but at the same time, like if I didn't have to send a new episode to PRN and, oh, that's another thing I'm supposed to mention. Progressive radio network changed their website. So it's not anymore. It's Progressive Radio Network all spelled I can't remember. I'll put the link in the show notes, but yeah, they had, because there was a couple of weeks I signed. I'm like, we're like, nothing's playing, I'm not hearing anything. And Jesse told me the radio manager station manager there that it's because they changed the network.

JackieMarie Beyer (15m 33s):

They were having problems with their what's it called your provider? Service provider, whatever. Anyway, PRN is now progressive radio network. So what else can I tell you today is the day that Chip and Joanna Gaines launched the Magnolia Network live on TV. So I think that means we get to watch it on the television. I don't have to like do the whole app to TV thing, but I still love them if you haven't checked it out. I mean, Floret's story on there, Erin Benzakein in and how she started Floret and how they moved on. And now they've become the seed company. I mean, I just love it. I could watch that over and over. And then I love Magnolia Journal.

JackieMarie Beyer (16m 14s):

The magazine is just so inspiring to me, especially, you know, I really would love to do a Golden Seeds magazine and have, you know, each month come out with an issue that highlights the people I talked to and kind of like I'm always thinking of like, it'd be so fun to do this to that. And then I really would love to be in the Waco half marathon that they're going to have right about earth day it's earth, day weekend. I think, you know, earth day is the 22nd, the half marathons on the 24th. If anybody wants to join me, I, if I can, I'm going to raise some money for the Gentle Barn and the cow hugging program cause there were 501c3 nonprofit. And I just love that.

JackieMarie Beyer (16m 54s):

And I just think, you know, mental health is again, I just feel like all these things out there that we see all these problems, you know, deep down inside, it all comes down to mental health. So anyway, if you have a topic that you want to learn about, if you have a guest that you would like to hear, let from, let me know. And I, you know, I'm always, I'm here for you. I'm here to serve you. I'm here to help you learn how we can grow a greener world. So thank you so much for listening. I certainly appreciate where you put your headphones.

JackieMarie Beyer (17m 35s):

at day happy new year here is: