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Trailer – Why Would You Want To Listen and Who the Heck Am I?
Trailer19th July 2019 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Why Would You Want To Listen and Who the Heck Am I?

Can you afford to miss out on being a fly on the wall of shop owners, coaches, technicians, executives and every other contributor that has been involved in the aftermarkets premiere podcast?

Imagine an aftermarket audio archive of over 600 episodes that speaks to the business of the aftermarket with a focus on the service professional. Every episode is cataloged by series to help you learn and tackle our industries challenges head-on. All for free, on-demand and available anywhere in the world.

Through interviews with the best in the business, our goal is to help solve your pain points and teach you stuff along the way? You know the drill change is a guaranteed constant in life. We must stay abreast of the speed of technology, succession planning, the lack of skilled tradespeople, specifically technicians, leadership, business culture, the need to be better marketers, the role of the CEO, consolidation, and most importantly your profitability.

Engage with the podcast because with all the noise in your life, RRR grounds you in the context of the aftermarket.  You are almost guaranteed to learn just one thing from every episode and help bring wisdom and influence to the people you lead as we work together to elevate all ships.

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