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161: How the Bible is Relevant and More Important Than Ever
23rd April 2018 • Everyday Disciple Podcast • Caesar Kalinowski
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More and more people are questioning the validity of the relevance of the Bible in today's culture. Is it all true... is it literal or figurative… does it apply to our lives today?

On the Lifeschool Podcast this week, we’ll walk you through the most common misunderstandings about the Bible and the ways people read this unique document that are leading to confusion or distrust. We’ll give you the tools to properly read the Bible in context to the divine author’s original intent.

To study the Bible in a straight comparison to any other book in history starts us off on the wrong foot. And to slice and dice out the parts we don’t like or understand leaves us with an incomplete picture. But you can learn to understand this beautiful, powerful, and important book!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How the Bible was originally, for thousands of years, an oral document.
  • Why the Bible should not be viewed simply as a history book.
  • How scripture was originally read together in community and why.
  • Why understanding the genre of each book in the Bible changes everything.
  • The importance of reading and understanding the Bible in chronological order.

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Quote from this episode:

“The Bible is best read and understood as a series of stories, narratives, that God has given to us humans to best understand who he is and what he is like. He proves this over and over as the Story that unfolds really does repeat itself from a zillion angles. All of this shows us what is true about us, our identity and how God sees us and how we get to live in this world and rightly interact with God and care for his creation, which includes other humans.”


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