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The Quash - The Quash Productions, LLC EPISODE 49, BONUS EPISODE, 25th October 2020
You can't control 100's of TRILLIONS in corruption/Bonus Ep 49
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You can't control 100's of TRILLIONS in corruption/Bonus Ep 49

In this episode I show people why the amount of money the govt has makes it IMPOSSIBLE to clean it up or "drain the swamp". People don't seem to understand how much corruption a TRILLION dollars can buy. There is NOTHING the people can do to "enforce the constitution". Yet that's what people are told. When both parties are screwing you, the people are stuck. The idea that the republicans are going to fix any of this is delusional. There is NO evidence for it. The amount of money individuals have is nothing compared to govt. Govt is the whole game now.

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