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Meet Amber
Episode 1145th October 2021 • Love In Your Life • Dolah Saleh
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Amber didn't get to her happy career spot without some detours, even as she may not characterize it that way. She remained mindful, with every choice she made, of potential options all along her path. She intuitively maintained a "contingency plan" that accompanied every career move. Why? Because she had her eye on a of satisfaction in all the ways that were important to her.

Listening to her, I could not help thinking about how and why we couldn't all be blessed with that level of self-awareness. Even when we begin not knowing what we want to do for a career, how can we step forward into one thing, learning along the way, paying attention, to what we like and what we do not? How do we prevent closing the door to other possibilities?

Amber's story is inspirational. It teaches openness, self-acceptance, courage, and persistence. That's what we hear, what we learn from her. She knows that anyone can get to the work that is meant for them if they pay attention along the way and make adjustments accordingly.




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