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Thriving on Purpose Podcast - Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard 17th December 2020
The 7 Traits of Godly Character

The 7 Traits of Godly Character

Seeking holiness in a culture of anointing


We live in a culture where we desire anointing more than godliness. Blessings more than giving.

In many ways we have become a wicked generation who seeks a sign…

We have many ministry trainwrecks and scandals for one simple reason… In many cases, ministers’ anointings are taking them up to places where their character (or lack thereof) can’t sustain them.

We need to prepare for the things to come on this earth in 2021 that will not be easy. There will be blessings for the body of Christ, but judgment will also come upon the land. God wants to prepare us, and it starts on the inside.

We need to hunger and thirst again after holiness. So, in this episode, we look at the 7 traits you need to develop Godly character.



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