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05: Retiring Fossils From Retirement Funds
Episode 531st May 2023 • Climate Avengers • Elena Foukes
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On Today's Episode:

Alex Wright-Gladstein is the founder and CEO of Sphere, a fossil free 401(k) provider. 

Sphere offers a low-cost fossil free fund and supports employees at companies so that a fossil free investment option is available for retirement. 

With recent changes, companies are required to include the carbon impact of retirement funds in a company’s carbon calculations, which is great news for Sphere, and the planet.

Alex became interested in climate because of her 7th grade science teacher, and held fundraisers to save the rainforest in high school. As she continued to work in climate, she realized that climate solutions are also win-win solutions for people, companies, and the planet.

Are you ready to have a fossil free 401(k)? Check out for copy/paste templates to engage with your company.

Shout outs to:

  • Ayer Labs
  • Tufts
  • MIT: labs and Sloan School of Business
  • Founders Fund
  • All We Can Save - the book
  • Watt It Takes with Emily Kirsh, with guest LEAH ELLIS of SUBLIME SYSTEMS:

We also talk about:

  • Staying grounded
  • How most ESG funds are a way for financial institutions to still make bank with fees, since consumers are moving away from traditional funds with high fees, and instead are choosing low-cost, same return funds.
  • The fundraising process
  • Staying resilient during the fundraising process

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