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Unique Leaders Podcast - Megan DiMartino EPISODE 38, 27th April 2021
Unique Leaders: Charles Smith
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Unique Leaders: Charles Smith

Charles was born in Jackson, Mississippi in the country. As a child he didn’t have much but that didn’t matter to him and his siblings. He mom made it work and they had many opportunities to learn responsibility. Looking back on it now, he has a great work ethic. Charles grew up with 4 brothers and 3 sisters and they all respected each other. Since they didn’t have much, they treasured everything they received. They made due with what they had and they were very creative with it. This allowed them to develop what they needed to achieve what they wanted in life. These opportunities also strengthened his want to be an entrepreneur. This was why he got into insurance later on in life...to be his own boss. This is also seen in his siblings and what careers they chose.It was very motivating to have these side jobs as children. To be able to work all week, get paid and be able to purchase something you have wanted and not having to ask someone else for it. All these experiences were very empowering for Charles and his siblings. He wanted to go to college but he also wanted to stay close to home to be near his mother. He decided to take on a few jobs while he was at Jackson State. Through all these experiences he has much appreciation for his mother and it taught him to be grateful to not of been handed everything and that he worked hard for everything.

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