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Methods of Marketing
Episode 82nd February 2022 • All About Business • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Show Name:  All About Business

Episode #8:  The Methods of Marketing

Check out the latest episode of #allaboutbusiness the podcast on We explain why marketing is important, what it is, and how to use it in your business.

You are listening to All About Business, the podcast with your host(s) Prithvi.

In this episode of All About Business the Podcast we discuss: what marketing is, why it’s so important, and how to use it in your own business.

Segment 1: What is marketing?

In this segment I will be explaining what marketing is and how it works.

  1. Defining Marketing
  2. Methods used in marketing
  3. Marketing to customers and maintaining relationships with customers
  4. Matching products to the right target market
  5. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion are the 4 P’s of marketing. 
  6. Product
  7. Price
  8. Place
  9. Promotion

Segment 2:  Why is marketing so important?

In this segment I will be explaining why marketing is so important, and why you need to use it.

  1. Marketing Is An Effective Way of Engaging With Customers
  2. Marketing Helps to Build and Maintain the Company’s Reputation
  3. Marketing Helps To Boost Sales
  4. Marketing Can Help Provide Insights Into Your Business
  5. Marketing Helps Your Business Remain Relevant
  6. Marketing Creates Revenue Options
  7. Marketing Helps The Management Team Make Informed Decisions

So, let's head onto our final segment.

Segment 3:  How to use marketing in your own business?

In this segment I will be discussing how to use marketing in your own business.

  1. First you need to decide what your target market will be. Some factors you may want to consider are:
  2. Where do they live?
  3. Age?
  4. Gender?
  5. Likes and/or dislikes?
  6. Hobbies?
  7. Recent purchases?
  8. Favorite product/service?
  9. You can find this information by creating a survey.
  10. After you figure out your target market you need to figure out which type/types of marketing will work/appeal to you, your brand, and clients. 
  11. Some option for marketing are:
  12. Traditional Marketing
  13. Outbound Marketing
  14. Inbound Marketing
  15. Digital Marketing
  16. Video Marketing
  17. Influencer Marketing
  18. Word of Mouth Marketing

In this episode I basically explained why marketing is important and how to utilize it in your own business/brand. So thank you guys for tuning in on this episode of All About Business, check out my previous episodes and tune in for more next time. Bye 

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