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Episode 21: Marcus A. Chan Creates 6-Figure Sellers, For Real
Episode 2128th July 2021 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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Yeah, Marcus Chan is the man. And this is a baller convo. 

We talk about activity v. conversion metrics and how the latter is far superior. 

We talk careers and promotions.

We talk invites on corporate jets (all Marcus!). 

We talk refined sales processes, both what that means and how to get your process there.  

We talk how to transcend the legal, contracting, and or redlining death spiral. 

We talk bypassing gatekeepers, doing drops, and incorporating psychology into sales.

We talk micro-epiphanies that build on one another. 

We talk about the low-value state of most sales training, coaching, consulting space.  

We talk about skill development and WORK. 

We talk one very uncomfortable conversation about sexual harassment and how Marcus handled it like the ally he is. 

Really though, we talk human. 

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For more on Marcus Chan, check him out on LinkedIn

Interested in joining the conversation? Hit us up at 646-470-0826. No wrong answers.

Truth, love, and joy, friends. 

Happy selling!