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11. The Truth About SEO, What You Can Do On Your Own And What You Should Hire Out With Jeff Oxford
Episode 1119th January 2023 • The eCommerce Sharehouse • Russell Steed & Emerson Hammer
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Jeff Oxford is a specialist in eCommerce search engine optimization. He walks us through the newest as well as the time tested techniques in SEO. Obviously he does this all day everyday and would love to have more clients to work with, but Jeff also drops some truth bombs on how a small startup business can start getting SEO traction without breaking the bank on hiring an agency.

We talk with Jeff about a few key things that any brand can implement in order to start ranking well for their desired keywords. He even tells us how to effectively vet a new agency to make sure they are a good one (because we all know there are more mediocre ones than actual good ones!)

Search engine optimization is a zero sum game, so it will always have to play a role in your marketing efforts even if you pull back on it for a year or two. Your competitors are most likely coming after your position so don't get lazy with your SEO game!

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