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A Quilter's Life - Paula Chamberlain 19th April 2021
Brandy Maslowski
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Brandy Maslowski

I found a list of the top 25 quilting podcasts, so I took a look to see if A Quilter’s Life was listed. It was. I also found another quilting podcast called The Quilter on Fire Podcast by Brandy Maslowski. I was so happy to find another quilting podcast that I enjoyed listening to. So I reached out to Brandy and she agreed to be a guest on my podcast. Brandy is a firefighter turned quilter. She considers herself a fiber artist, and loves humans, hiking and tea. She brings more joy and less overwhelm to quilters as a speaker, teacher and world traveler.

Connect with Brandy:

Website: Quilter on Fire

Facebook: Quilter on Fire

Twitter: Quilter on Fire

Pinterest: Quilter on Fire

Instagram: quilteronfire

YouTube: Quilter on Fire