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Falling Up Radio - Falling UP Radio EPISODE 60, 9th September 2019
Robert Veeder – Spreading the Message of Sobriety
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Robert Veeder – Spreading the Message of Sobriety

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L. Robert Veeder

What is the truth behind the staggering level of alcoholism & addiction in the United States & the world? In this compelling conversation you will learn from Robert what it means to be an alcoholic & addict and how to recover. With Robert's personal and at times heartbreaking story, you will hear the cost of human life from drunk driving. How do you go from a tragic accident, where six lives are lost, go to prison - then get sober and become a well trusted member of the community and a recovery therapists and coach.

With over 15 years of sobriety, Robert holds a health science degree with a concentration in substance abuse counseling. Today he is on a mission to help as many people as possible to get and stay sober.

Show Notes

2:18 What alcoholism & addiction is

2:37 200 Million+ active alcoholics in the world

3:08 3/4 of the cost of alcohol misuse is related to binge drinking

10:35 Smoking triggers the same chemical in the brain as alcohol

12:08 Alcohol related problems are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

14:19 Treatment options – what is effective today

16:40 Portugal de-criminalizing drugs – instead offers help and treatment

19:40 How many alcoholics actually recover

20:56 Robert’s personal story of early alcoholism

28:46 A tragic car accident with multiple fatalities

34:20 Prison, recovery & becoming a recovery therapists

44:30 Facing your guilt and shame

45:42 What to do if you need help

49:11 There’s nothing wrong with not drinking


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Robert Veeder Links

Website: The Prison Sketches

The Today Show: Robert's Appearance 

Huffington Post: Robert's Feature Article

National 24 Hour Hotline: 800-662-HELP (4357)

Alcoholics Anonymous: https://www.aa.org/

Email Contact: abetterhigh@gmail.com