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The Jackson Hole Connection - Stephan C. Abrams EPISODE 87, 7th May 2020
Episode 87 – Reducing Food Waste with Ali Milburn
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Episode 87 – Reducing Food Waste with Ali Milburn

In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan visits with Ali Milburn. Ali is the Founder and Executive Director of Hole Food Rescue. Hole Food Rescue’s mission is to reduce food waste and food insecurity in Jackson Hole. 

In this episode, Ali talks about how she turned a passion of saving food from the dumpster into a thriving non-profit organization. She will give insight on how much excess quality food is being rescued from the landfill and the new programs that Hole Food Rescue is offering to community members who need it most. Ali also provides some tips on how we all can cut down on food waste at home. 

Find out how you can help curb food waste in Jackson Hole by visiting HoleFoodRescue.org

Follow Hole Food Rescue:

Instagram @HoleFoodRescue

Facebook @HoleFoodRescue

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