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Episode 225: Wonders and Miracles – Interview Liza Lawrence
Episode 22510th August 2022 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 225: Wonders and Miracles - Interview Liza Lawrence

Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.” Miracles - what are they? I suggest that miracles are things that we don’t yet know how to explain. They are events or happenings that go beyond what we can do for ourselves. We often beg for miracles, search for miracles, or manifest miracles by our faith. One thing I found really interesting about Christ’s ministry, is that before he did any miracle he said to the person, “Be it unto you according to your faith.” I find that fascinating. According to this, I draw the conclusion that first one must believe before miracles occur. Today I’ve invited Liza Laurence to the show - she is the host of the Wonders and Miracles podcast, to discuss her thoughts on miracles and some of the incredible ones she has heard, and then I’m going to share clips from 3 past podcasts, where my interviewees share some pretty miraculous experiences. Tune into the audio program to hear it straight from the people who are kind and brave enough to share their personal experiences. Do you believe God can do miracles? Do you believe you can create miracles because you believe strongly in a course of action? That belief in God, in ourselves, in the power of Universal law working for our good, despite our current limited understanding, seems to be crucial in the manifestation of miracles. Today’s discussion brings awareness to some unusual, even inexplicable things that create awe and wonder. Magic. Let’s welcome Liza Laurence, the host of the Wonders and Miracles podcast. Join us to hear Liza answer questions like: 1. What do you think is the definition of a miracle? 2. How many miracles have you shared with the guests on your podcast? How many episodes do you have up? 3. What are your top 3 miracles you were most awed in hearing? 4. Why do you do an entire podcast about miracles?     To contact Liza or listen to her podcast:, Podcast: Wonders and Miracles -     As I re-listen to past podcasts I notice miracles. Personal miracles that go on in people’s lives as they create, as they go through tough times, as they heal. Today I wanted to share a couple clips - In episode 182, my interview with Richard Paul Evans, we talk about just a few of the miraculous events that happened as the book Christmas Box came together, but one of the sections I found most interesting was the way these little orbs of light followed him around as he spoke with people - Tune in for clips from that interview. The first year of the show we did a feature on the search for Annie Schmidt, daughter of Jon Schmidt from the popular group, The Piano Guys. I spoke with 3 people for this 3 part series, on of which was her mother. To say that miracles abounded in this search for her missing daughter is an understatement, but today I share one clip where Annie spoke to her mother after her death. (For the whole incredible story go to and listen to episodes 73-75. Tune in to hear miracles from this search. In episode 187, Deb Atella shares her own story of a lost loved one coming back to help her when she was hospitalized with a life and death hemorrhage. Tune in to hear her story. I think there are lots of kinds of miracles - Miracles we manifest with our faith, miracles that are just a hug from God - tender mercies, the miracles of angels around us, and serendipity moments. If you want to listen to more miracles, episode 10 of this podcast shared a whole pile of serendipitous and miraculous experiences. Go back and get the goods! When you stop and focus on miracles, you can’t help but feel that God and the universe have your back. We begin to realize how little we truly understand, how much more there is to learn, and how abundant the universe is. If you have a miracle story you want to share, you can contact Liza at This week, your challenge is to pay attention to the wonders in your life. To notice God in his abundance and generosity, train your eyes to see the magic and just sit with the idea that there is more than we understand and good things are afoot. Thanks for being here.