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Session 64: Splort (Anniversary Addition)
12th April 2021 • THOSEGUYSYOUHATE • The Menendez Brothers
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Session 64! We can't believe it, you cant believe it, but it's here. This is Ryan and Tyler Menendez giving our usual guy a 60 second respite (it is his birthday, after all). We just wanted to say thank you to all of you, the ones who've supported us, the ones who've done/said mean things to us (looking at you MoneyTime!), this is a celebration of an episode. As always, we love you, you pieces of bleep.

ASMR or worst sounds you've ever heard- you be the judge. Douche or no douche, guy who calls Charles Manson, Charlie Manson? Ryan's obsession with Dateline rears its ugly head. Tyler receives a present, wanted or not. Banging music, loud noises, do all adults smoke crack, and a celebration all around. They are THOSEGUYSYOUHATE!