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Kaila Burns-Heffner: Sharing IMPACTFUL sports stories
Episode 1306th March 2020 • Rich Take On Sports • Richmond Weaver
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Show Notes:

  • She's still surrounded by college sports so she still feels connected to college
  • First-year after graduating from Clemson was tough when she moved to Bristol, CT
  • Initially thought she was going to attend the University of Georgia but fell in love with Clemson
  • Dancing was something that she loved growing up but she struggled with somewhat of an identity crisis because she was also a tomboy and wanted to play sports with the guys
  • During her sophomore year in high school, she tore her hamstring performing at a school program but it took 8 doctors before she was correctly diagnosed
  • She continued to battle with the hamstring injury and eventually tore her other hamstring
  • Her parents were very supportive during the time with the injuries and appreciate them even more now knowing the cost and time spent
  • Sportscenter was always on her TV and knew early on that she wanted to be involved in telling stories through sports
  • Telling impactful stories in sports is her passion now
  • She feels that she can connect with people because of her experience of dealing with injuries
  • Hates when people try to make the claim that dancers aren't athletes
  • Words of Wisdom from Kaila Burns-Heffner: "She believes she could so she did."

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