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Starting From The Beginning
3rd March 2018 • GotTechED the Podcast • Eric Guise/Nick Johnson
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GotTechED Episode #1: Starting From the Beginning

In this episode, get to know Eric Guise and Nick Johnson as they talk about solutions to overcome edtech barriers when building a flipped classroom! They discuss various screencasting and video editing tools that help flip your classroom.  Finally, Guise and Nick argue within the category of “Extensions” in their first-ever Tech Battle Royale!

Introduction to the Podcast

  1. Eric Guise 
  2. Nick Johnson 
  3. What is GotTechED the Podcast? 

Teacher Question: Screencasting Tools and the Flipped Classroom

  1. Screencastify
  2. Screencast-o-matic
  3. WeVideo
  4. FlipGrid

2nd Segment: Barriers of EdTech Integration

  1. List of Top EdTech Barriers

Tech Battle Royale: Topic Extensions

  1. Nick discusses Flubaroo
  1. Guise discusses OneTab

Music Credits:

  1. The Degs: Shotgun
  2. @bensounds

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