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Episode 26: Dr. Ehrin Weiss Enlightens All Things PsycheAndSales
Episode 2626th August 2021 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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Today, Ehrin and I talk about the identical, cringe-worthy mistake we both made while starting our podcasts. :: insert sob-cry emoji::

We talk about cognitive behavioral therapy also known as CBT; both what it is and why it rocks. 

We talk about the connection of mind and body. 

We talk recovery and relapse and routines, oh my. 

We talk neuroplasticity and hyper-vigilance. 

We talk separating self-worth from our performance and number. 

We talk about the wide variety of negative effects of steady cortisol drips.

We talk misinformation and redefining success. 

We talk management skill development on the mental health front. 

We talk neural pathways and eliminating distractions and learning and retention. 

We talk mindfulness. 

Really though, we talk human, friends. 

Interested in joining the conversation? Hit us up on the hotline at 646-470-0826. 


For more on Dr. Ehrin Weiss, check her out on LinkedIn, the website, How Parent, the new Anxiety Relief Book for Kids, and the rocking PsycheAndSales podcast

Truth, love, and joy, friends. 

Happy Selling!