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Start The World - Jack Donovan EPISODE 11, 16th March 2020
Pat Stedman - Dating and Relationship Coach
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Pat Stedman - Dating and Relationship Coach

Pat Stedman is a dating and relationship coach in New York who helps a lot of men find and maintain healthy long-term relationships. We talked about that, but also about a post he wrote that interested me -- not because of who it was about, but because of what it was about. There are a lot of depressed men or directionless men who are looking for leaders, and sometimes those leaders are good at making them angry. Anger can be empowering, but ultimately being angry isn't a positive long-term strategy for living well. It's "low energy," and at some point you have to transcend that.

The current world situation is going to create a lot of confused and angry men, so I think this an important topic to think about.

You can find out more about Pat at https://patstedman.com.

The post that interested me was:


(For the record, I know there is a lot of controversy about Rollo, and I've tried to stay out of that. I've only met Rollo twice and I'm not familiar with his work or his audience enough to comment directly on it -- and I don't really like to do that anyway. I was interested in the "big picture" of this post.)

The book mentioned was:

"Levels of Energy" by Frederick E. Dodson