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STaR Coach Show - Meg Rentschler 3rd June 2020
187: Crafting a Compelling Message to Attract Clients with Anthony Lee
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187: Crafting a Compelling Message to Attract Clients with Anthony Lee

As coaches, we know how essential it is to build relationships and work one-on-one with our clients. One way to step up your game and get your message across is through public speaking engagements. Speaking to a crowd maximizes your influence far beyond the one-one-one platform. Another benefit of speaking publicly is attracting clients who want to work with you. Join us to learn more!

Anthony Lee is the founder of the Heroic Voice Academy, a communications training company. He’s an expert in preparing clients for high-stakes presentations like conference keynotes or the coveted TEDx presentations, where you want to capture and enthrall an audience in under 18 minutes. The specialties of the Heroic Voice Academy include conference training, investor presentations, and media interviews. Their clients have made significant impact in areas like animal welfare, employee experience, entrepreneur education, mental health, and the future of food. You’ll hear Anthony’s desire to make the world a better place and work with organizations that make a difference. The Heroic Voice Academy offers presentation training programs, executive communication training, and coaching/event production consulting. Anthony offers a free download for SCS listeners to help us have strong communication; see Resources for this episode for more information.

Show Highlights:

●    The story of how Anthony came to where he is today

●    How Heroic Voice Academy prepares leaders for their most important conversations

●    How an opportunity to speak on stage is a chance to get a lot of information across to your audience in a short amount of time

●    Anthony’s “Three V’s” message:

○    Their vision: Where are they going?

○    Their values: What do they care about?

○    Their vow: How can I count on them?

●    The importance of coaches knowing how to engage with others

●    How to apply Anthony’s 3V message to the work of coaching

●    What poor presenters fail to do

●    Anthony’s connection triangle for presenters

●    How expertise and passion help you connect with your audience

●    Why relatability and empathy help you make a connection

●    The role of storytelling in making connections

●    What coaches need to know about connecting through speaking

●    The need to curate information and engage with your audience

●    How to prepare a long-form keynote by having a well-prepared short-form keynote

●    Key questions that a leader needs to answer in any presentation

●    Anthony’s free download on how to construct your message

●    Anthony’s final words of wisdom for coaches:

○    Charge full price and accept multiple currencies

○    Find clients with a vision

○    Find clients who bring out your best


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