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Emo kid Mike Henneberger hits Rock Bottom and tells us who had the best week 1976, 1988 or 1995!
19th May 2021 • Dueling Decades • Dueling Decades
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Welcome back, Duelers! We're back to deliver some more nostalgia for this week, and we brought another special guest judge along with us. Mancrush has spoken ad nauseam about not having time to read books and his massive Audible book collection. Well, after listening to the book "Rock Bottom at the Renaissance: An Emo Kid's Journey Through Falling In and Out of Love In and With New York City", he was so blown away, he asked the author to come on the show! And since May is Mental Awareness month, his invitation made a lot of sense. All rise for an author, and Emmy Award-winning producer, Mike Henneberger! Now let's take a look at the contestants and the decades they will be fighting for. First up, going back to before he was even a glimmer in his father's eye, Drew Zakmin delivers his best mid-month week from May of 1976. His first opponent, coming off a surprising victory last week, Mancrush brings the best of his week in May of 1995. And rounding out the competition, Marc James heads back to childhood with his best week experience of May 1988.

Stick around after the game, and listen to Mike Henneberger talk about his fantastic book! 50% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to mental health charities and artist relief funds to help out-of-work music industry crew members, so please check it out. I promise it's a fantastic read (or listen to the amazing Tyler Posey narrated version)! But, in this particular episode, you may hear something about: Ninety dollar VHS tapes, comedians on couches, the legend of Dick Pole, Drew gives us all intestinal problems, Vagisil ads, Jack Forrest cheats on his wife, Slash rides a banana bike with a top hat, Kirby's Silver Surfer is the only true Silver Surfer, living your life a quarter-mile at a time 70s edition, award ceremonies, mic drop moments in history, Mike Tyson is a generous dude, boring political stuff, Mary Jane enjoys it hard and fast, he wants your girlfriend to be his girlfriend too, philanthropy, Ambien, and did I mention Vagisil? All this week and more!

Do you agree with Mike's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! Join us Wednesday 5/19/21 at 9pmEST on YouTube for a live episode with Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake!

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