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Vinnie De Rosa aka Cuzin Vinnie - CuzinVinnieNetwork.com EPISODE 88, 31st July 2020
Real Estate "Fiduciary" Friday July 31, 2020
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Real Estate "Fiduciary" Friday July 31, 2020


Agents and brokers are flat out lying to you if they say they are “Exclusive Buyer Agents” if their brokerage or any of its agents lists any sellers property! They are NOT A True Real Estate Fiduciary! Only A True Real Estate Fiduciary can protect you the Buyer! 

There is a natural conflict of interest between the buyer and the seller in real estate. Buyers and sellers have different needs and adverse interests. Sellers want their property to sell at the highest possible price.

Buyers want to locate or build the right home for their needs and get the best value for it, in both the short and long-term.

How can one agent, or even a multi-agent brokerage, really represent both the buyer and the seller and not have a conflict of interest? 


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