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Unleash Liberty Now with Jeff Witzeman (OG 017)
7th May 2022 • The Oto Gomes Crypto Show • Oto Gomes
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“There’s no defense against a calm man or woman armed with the truth, and if you throw love in there it’s game over.”

Award-winning filmmaker, musician, speaker, and writer Jeff Witzeman drop some TRUTH BOMBS in this one! Jeff is a valiant proponent of health freedom, and his films explore the cutting edge of healing including natural methods and the spiritual/physical connection. Jeff shares a powerful story showcasing why leading with integrity and love enables meaningful and inspirational interactions. We also talk about why the medical system is deeply flawed, how blockchain will transform the planet, and why we don’t need third party governing facilitators. 


  • What is wrong with modern medicine’s education system?
  • Are the powers that be actively hostile to natural healing methods?
  • Why trauma and repressed energy will dictate your level of physical health.
  • How Jeff’s guerrilla filmmaking ROCKED the world.
  • Why Jeff is done with voting.
  • Is the United States a corporation?
  • How the government is going to crack down on crypto and cash.
  • Why blockchain technology will transform the planet.
  • Do we need third party governing facilitators?

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