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Episode 438 – Current Events You May Not Be Aware Of – Tom Donnan pt 1
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Episode 438 – Current Events You May Not Be Aware Of – Tom Donnan pt 1

Current Events You May Not Be Aware Of – Tom Donnan

Today’s guest is our good friend, Tom Donnan. Tom has the unique insight to identify interesting phenomenon that is occurring around the world and compares it to signs of the End Times. Most of the things he shares with us is not being covered by the news. When something is covered by the news media, it is often glossed over or misinterpreted. Well, Tom is here today to share with us some insights the Lord has given him about recent events and concerning the future of America as we know it. Help me welcome back to the program, Tom Donnan!

Tom, thank you for coming back on today and sharing some interesting news worthy things that are usually not covered in the news!

Let’s start by discussing the recent large wave activity around the world. This isn’t even being reported on, is it?

I seen an article and YouTube video about a Tsunami early warning system in the Indian Ocean that has not worked in over six years. The Indonesian government says it is because of lack of funding. But, you would think something that important, would be maintained so it would be up and running, right?

There were huge leaps forward in DNA technology last year, wasn’t there?  But it’s not all that it is cracked up to be… Last year there was geneticly modified baby born. But scientists are saying it didn’t really happen. Could it be a cover up or just a false claim?

We had huge leaps forward in space science this year also. How is that going to help us?

Have you heard about water being seen on Europa? One of the moons of Jupiter?

Science has determined the hole in the Ozone layer is closing faster than previously thought and that it should be fully closed by the 2030’s.  That’s good news, right?

On that note, is global warming real?  Science continues to say the atmosphere is getting warmer. But yet, weather.com reports 2018 was the COLDEST in 20 years for the USA. So – who’s right?

NASA, which has always been the premier space agency of the world, now has competition. It’s not a foreign government, although China and Japan are closing the gap, but a US company called – SpaceX!

I seen a report that is predicting 2019 will have an increase in earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity, floods and droughts.  I think someone who predicts all of that can claim accuracy no matter what happens. That’s like saying, “Something bad is going to happen somewhere.”  No accuracy at all. What do you think?

Contact Information:

Tom’s new book:  One Door Between Us (Amazon)

Email:  healingthenation1776@gmail.com




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