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Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard - Bruce Hilliard EPISODE 134, 8th May 2020
The May 8th Outdoor Intercourse Day Show with Bruce Hilliard
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The May 8th Outdoor Intercourse Day Show with Bruce Hilliard

Mother’s Day is Sunday. I wonder if there will be Corona Day, or month. We could celebrate by running out of toilet paper and avoiding each other. Sounds like a bad camping trip.

You’ve heard of social distancing and social intercourse, but have you heard of an outdoor intercourse celebration? Well it’s today and what better time than a global quarantine to go outside and get naked and roll around in the nettles. 

Wondering why so many people have a mischievous twinkle in their eye today? Could be they’re contemplating how they’re going to celebrate National Outdoor Intercourse Day (Hurray, Hurray for the 8th of May!).

According to a story in The Easterner, Eastern Washington University’s student newspaper, National Outdoor Intercourse Day has been around since the early 1960s and most likely originated in the state of Washington, where there are more than enough rhododendron bushes and fir trees (watch those needles!) to accommodate a bit of outdoor fun.

Of course, not everyone feels obliged to wait around for the 8th of May (or the 69th of March, as some people prefer to call it). In April of this year, a couple was caught having sex on the grounds of Windsor Castle. That’s right, the Queen’s lawn. Blatantly ignoring signs asking visitors to Please Keep Off the Grass (not to mention their significant other), a man and woman, said to be in their early 30s, found a cozy spot near the castle’s Garter Tower, stripped down to their birthday suits and started having a jolly good time.

I submitted my five song EP to distribution a few weeks ago. It will be available on several streaming platforms where the music can be listened to, added to playlists, bought, or not. The biggie is Spotify.

By going to Spotify and playing my songs or saving them to a playlist, sharing them to other social media or even clicking on my Spotify artist page, it tells the Spotify algorithm that people are engaging and the music is worth their attention.

I’ve submitted press releases to everything from Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine to Rolling Stone. I’ve talked to promoters, friends and podcast guests to get a feel of my genre. The consensus is pop rock. 

And I hear “you sound like Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan.” That’s very good company. So, I decided to put together a cover, a Bob Dylan song. And so far this is what I have.

(Like a Rolling Stone audio)

Streaming is the norm for music consumption in 2020. Spotify is the leader with over 113 million paid monthly subscribers and 250 million users. Even though Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music and Pandora are relevant, we want this music to have the highest chances of being discovered by the most users and subscribers. That’s why the focus on Spotify, the industry leader.

So one week from today, drop everything, wash your hands and go to Spotify and engage. Any engagement is good engagement. I’m going to leave you with a few shortened versions of songs from the May 15th EP. Until next time...

Be safe and if this EP does well...party at your place!