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Empowering Careers with Sudeshna Sen
Episode 504th August 2021 • Balance Shared • Michelle Lasley
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Introduction to Episode

Sudeshna Sen discusses what to focus on to both grow your career while also connecting with what is important in your life. We dive into common pitfalls in moving forward in your profession, ways of thinking of women in (or not in) the workforce, and how to forge your own path.

Podcast Episode Summary

Sudeshna Sen is a a career strategist and productivity geek who talks about careers, business, and everything in between. She runs a website and blog called The Abundance Psyche where she hopes to help people move forward in their high end careers.

She talks about it from the spiritual angle but also thinks about it from the practical side. How to show up as leaders in our world, find our own truths, and find where our alignment is at it's best.

She also organizes the Rise Up Cohort who works to help promote women in financial services and give them a stage during their shows.


"[People with high power jobs] always care about being judged by other people who are scared of being judged."

"When you feel like you're in alignment, that shows. It has so much positive energy around it. It's infectious. Just like negative energy is infectious. "

Recommended Resources

For more information about Sudeshna Sen go to The Abundance Psyche.

For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit Our producer is Matthew Hunter.

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