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RR 487: Joe Register – Will You Be at the Forefront of Technology?
26th November 2019 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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My guest is Joe Register who is the Vice-President Emerging Technologies at the AutoCare Association. This is his second interview. His first episode was episode 381 which talks about SVI (Secure Vehicle Interface).

Joe Register has over 40 years of experience delivering progressive system solutions to companies in every channel of the Automotive Aftermarket. This work includes the design and implementation of enterprise systems for two startup ventures.

Joe participates as an ANSI expert assigned to ISO TC22 Road Vehicles, ISO TC204 Intelligent Transport Systems and SAE vehicle security committees. His current focus is the industry’s adoption of secure and standardized access to in-vehicle systems to ensure today’s increasingly complex vehicles can be properly maintained and repaired.

One of his specialties are Strategic planning, program management, systems architecture/modeling disciplines applicable to business processes, data and application integration, web service design & development.  

Listen to Joe’s other episodes HERE.

Key Talking Points:

  • There is no hiding from technology
  • The future will build a dynamic picture of the road as your drive
    • As a technician, you’ll need to know how the dependent systems work with each other as they were intended
    • Immersive Perception Technology. The combination of sensors in harmony with the communications that are coming from other vehicles or infrastructure. Creating a dynamic map
  • The future will have fewer modules but more intelligent and complex modules. Consolidation will happen. Aftermarket manufacturers will have to adapt to that.
  • OE’s have onerous policies on copying this technology
  • AutoCare is raising the flag and discovering what they can do to have the aftermarket survive with new standards.
  • Working on safe, secure, standardized and direct access to the vehicle.
  • Working with ISO TC204 Committee. Three standards have been written:
    • First Standard  Talks about encryption coming from the vehicle. Use a ‘key’ PKI, digital certificates to provide authentication and authorization. ISO has adopted this standard
    • Proof of Concept: they have an APP created to authenticate you as the vehicle owner and who gets my data
    • Technology  is being addressed as a governance and policy side of the tech
  • Chrysler is working on this internally so they can be judge and jury on data
  • Joe believes there is a three-year horizon on having this in place
  • It is the wild west with ADAS. Different targets etc.
    • Wonder why it is all different
    • Looking for best practices. So many vehicles have different calibration exercises
  • Southwest Research Institute has been forthcoming in working with AutoCare and many OE’s to make the re-calibration standardization as OE friendly as possible
  • 5G Telecommunication
    • The standards being created are agnostic to which communication system that are being used
    • DSRC: Dedicated Short Range Communication  
    • There are many roadside communication devices being outfitted throughout cities
  • Technicians must continue to train because of the new tech coming. They will have great job security. Shops will need to charge enough to pay for access, systems, and their communication diagnostician specialist to get the vehicle back into OE operating specs


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