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Kali Williams: Badass Breakthrough
Episode 1023rd April 2020 • PowerPivot • Leela Sinha
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flipping the script, women's empowerment through kink, and owning your desires

Thank you for listening to this episode of PowerPivot with guest Kali Williams of Badass Breakthrough.
Thanks to Andy Dolph for production assistance and thanks to @demilife for our music.
You can find Kali online at:

her book, Ditch the Bitch Stigma, can be found on Amazon.

We mentioned: thread about fashion and immigrants:

The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Ed note: it's not the closing scene.

source for the perception of conversational dominance by gender comment:

and a few choice quotes: from Kali: "Choice is what makes something inherently feminist."

"anytime someone makes a choice based on their own desires, that is inherently powerful, regardless of what their desires are."

"internal power is more about how you feel about your choices than about how other people are going to receive your power."

"I feel powerful knowing that I am living by my values."

"Privilege must speak to privilege."

"Use your power appropriate ways in your life and then start to use your power to lift others up as well."

"Our confidence should fit us, rather than us fitting our idea of confidence."

and one from Leela: "Your privilege doesn't make you horrible, it makes you powerful. Let's talk about how claiming your privilege and understanding your privilege puts you in a position to change the world."




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