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22nd June 2023 • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie
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Industrial Talk is onsite at IoT Solutions World Congress and talking to Casto Canavate, Marketing Manager at KNX Association about "Smart homes and buildings - trends and solutions".  Learn about Smart Buildings along with Casto's unique insight into the smart technology on this Industrial Talk interview! Finally, get your exclusive free access to the Industrial Academy and a series on “Why You Need To Podcast” for Greater Success in 2023. All links designed for keeping you current in this rapidly changing Industrial Market. Learn! Grow! Enjoy!


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Welcome to the industrial talk podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's,


once again thank you very much for joining industrial talk. And thank you very much for your support. It is a platform, education platform dedicated to you industrial professionals all around the world. Because you are bold, you're brave, you dare greatly. You're changing lives, you're changing the community on your chip, making the world a better place. That's why we celebrate you on industrial talk. Now we're broadcasting on site right now, Barcelona IoT solutions World Congress, and I got to tell you, you need to put this event on your calendar for next year if you're not here. Put it on your calendar for next year. Because there are people like Casto get that right. That's right. See, that solves problems and has the desire to help you succeed right there. All right, in the hot seat, you heard me reference him Casto. Kenya that day is in the hot seat can xs the company? Let's get cracking. Yeah, this is the second stab at this intro because I've mispronounced his first name. So you didn't you know, listeners, you don't have to hear me mispronounce his name. But then from there, whatever goes on, doing having a good conference.


Very good. Actually, it's very impressive that even the second day is good.


It's always interesting when it comes to these conferences in in this is pretty much conference across the board. Day one is always like everybody's wandering around. What do we do? How do we get this in the day to everybody knows. They're in their stride? And they're, they're moving forward? And they're like, Yeah, okay, I know where to go. I know what to do. I know. Yeah, exactly. Now, is this the first time second time how many times? You've been second


time here? Yes. Really? Alaska? Yeah. Well, you. We were Yeah. So we started actually last year, but we were so late, we hear that we only took part of the conference program. But this time we are at the conference program together with our booth in the startup.


Or you're in the startup to we are we're gonna we're gonna be doing some videos over there just because I think that that's, again, it at this event, like Ken X and others, you never stop innovating. There's always more. There's always stuff that's happened. It's something new. That always blows my mind. That's just me. All right. Before we get into the conversation about you, Kanex and all the stuff that's taking place, give us a little background on who you are.


ut smart homes at the time in:


Like overnight. It was all of a sudden it's like yeah, now we can really collect the data, we can collect the insights, we can collect all of the the relevant piece of information to help make things more efficient insights, whatever, that's, that's fine. Yes. So with that said, Why? Why is it important for businesses for consumers? It doesn't it doesn't matter to look into that whole smart approach to their their homes or the building. Why is it important?


Honestly, the most important aspect I think you're gonna have in the short term is because then you don't worry about anything when you GDS arrive at home, you enter your home and that your home will do things. I switch on the lights live within your heating your air codependence with a warm summer and the conditions that you like and then they will will be efficient, but the long term is what we are looking at so the long term, you can have a more efficient and sustainable home. So if we make our buildings our homes most more efficient, a week there is a motion was turning a war in there. And that's, that's the real end goal or it's marvelman is marvelous.


So how does it make it more sustainable? If I deploy these, this technology, I make it smart hotel take us through how that makes it more sustainable. What are we doing, we have wasted their


time. Yeah, that's that's the thing that nobody realizes when you it is, you imagine, let's give some examples. So if you imagine somebody in summertime, this summer is hot when you put your air. But then out of the blue, somebody will open a window, and you still have the air go home, and you open the window, what is a waste of energy. So systems and somehow a smart home system that will help you to for instance, if you open the window first in first, stop the earth standby mode. Second thing that the system can do for you is it can send you a notification can send you to your to your mobile, we always had the mobile returns, right? So they send you a message Eriko is off because somebody has opened the window. So if you want to get the Eric on bag again, close the window first. I've got to say, a basic example. So


no, that's an accurate, I see it, I understand it and, and I've violated that on many occasions where my AC is running, and I open up the door and I run out outside of the bugs, but it's you're absolutely right. So it sounds to me that in a let's say, we're gonna we're gonna venture into smart buildings. But in the case of me, Scott, consumer smart home, you're just providing a platform or the ability and the logic to to ensure that that I'm notified, there's a reason behind it. And all of the all of the stuff you educate me, you know, I bet you if you came into my house today, say oh my gosh, sketchy wasteful some of the guys. So sticking with smartphones, yep. How difficult it is, is it to, to venture and move into that whole area. So I look at my house, how difficult is


today's simpler. So I would say IoT here, because a good door opener. Because the big corporation I learned around five, seven years ago, sort of yeah, this time. Google, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, they launch mass market devices, smart devices, Alexa, Nest thermostat. So these devices, they have to create a smart home. And that already helps people to understand, I can move from my traditional home. So to call it to a smart home by integrating these products into my home is true, unless thermostat, it gives everything you need to control your heating in your home. It gives you time so that you have time to schedule so that you can schedule according to when you are at work. And when you are at home or when you are on holidays. It gives you a different temperature at a different timeframe. And it's even intelligent, because it helps us to understand better, how is your behavior? So is it that you set up to wake up at seven but maybe you wake up every day at six. So if he detects this this movement or somebody for a period of time, he will readjust His timing. And they will ask you will normally notify you shall we move the time to one hour earlier because you are already moving and you are not asleep? So all of these things can be achieved


a lot. I can't see moral but this level of insights, this stuff, that's sort of personal, right? My preferences, how I live is somewhat personal. Is there a way of making sure that that stays confidential? Or is how to how do we address that? That component of data?


Big subjects? Yeah. So what's happened with the data you can choose? But people they don't. So actually there are possibilities that you can have your own geode data within your home, and that you do not share with anyone that's possible. And there are technologies in particular in Canada, we have we offer that possibility. Or you can choose to share data. If you also want to go by our clouds or other third party companies, that sorts of possibility, after all is really a decision of the customer and receiving good advice. You know I Yesterday I had a I had a session and I explained a funny situation I live with my with my son. He's He's eight. Well now he's nine. So for his birthday, I went to purchase a smartwatch. Alright, so I wanted you know, the smartwatch then yes, I can kind of control where he is. And he has this geofencing. So I can also do radio, he gets out of the radio, I get also notification my mobile, just in case. So because they started you know, this 19 years old we all right, we know what it is. I guess about something quick because the one that I pulled Chase first didn't arrive. So I bought a second one quick and cheap. And it was one brand. I didn't even pay attention. I got it. And when I was configuring this product, I noticed that I was sending the data to the Chinese cloud or the manufacturing of all data. Yeah, my boy.


Yeah, yeah.


I thought was really nasty. Yeah, an eye opener.


Yeah, yeah. See, so but but you caught it. Right? Sure. Definitely gonna think Natura you're unique in that sense. So anyway, I think that that'll all work itself out. I believe that that'll The reality is, is that I'm all into the smart aspect of it. Yes, I want the savings. I want the insights, that's just me. And so I want to do it. And I'm sure there's plenty of other people who want to have the same thing. Yeah. And not only that, if I was a building owner, that's, that's massive savings to the bottom line because of the gain in efficiencies and insights and, and the maintenance of the assets. So that's, that's really important. One of the areas that that is also a part of that is, okay, so you're shifting data, you've got these, these sort of penetration points, they're all there. Of course, you can't have a conversation around smart without cyber, and the protection of that network in a way that ensures that, you know, Scott's six pack here, fine, I'm okay. And I'm protected. So that's also part of the conversation, right?


Yeah, definitely. So, there are the aspects of secure security and integrity, you know, so, you can of course have during mine, there is a leak, the dishwasher is broken, there is a leak of water all around the floor. So you can have sensors for the floor water flow, so that they will inform you first of all, they send you an indication of a recent leak, come here and check this out. And secondly, you can also close the water seal, so that it doesn't leak anymore. No, that is one technical security aspect and we thought that is also of course a secure aspect of installing a CCTV system installing different movement Presence Sensors, so that I can also contact rates in the windows, so that if somebody is trying to get in, so it can be detected, they can call police, you can call your insurance, you can I can make many notifications to different parties, third parties, these are services over also by these technologies. What is very important is the technology itself that you use in must be secured. So you need to guarantee that there is a proper encryption mechanism. So that if there is a hacker entering in your system, so he doesn't come to inside your house, but from the outside, yeah. hacking your system, imagine somebody hacking your CCTV system, and then watching what you are doing at home. That is an integrity issue. That is really if that's happening, the customer will lose any faith on the system, or hohoho


in a jet second, and that's not good for anybody and that that type of publicity is not good because it's going to spread like wildfire. But I want to make sure that that this is clear for me security I guarantee you there will they'll they'll achieve that security for me the ability to be able to say okay take care of that that my my refrigerator my dishwasher all of my my AC whatever it might be put the devices on there so that when you see or sense my my assets beginning to fail or do whatever will notify me you will get you'll get somebody out there with maintenance whatever it is. Yeah. I think that that you've just eliminated a problem in my life and time. It just created time. So I get them somebody's putting showing up my now you see he's going back. I like that. Let's shift gears a little bit. Let's go into smart buildings. One of the questions I have is one, there are all existing buildings out there. There's a trip, I think you'll be the expert on this. I think there's a tremendous amount of inefficiencies that exist there. And is it easy? Or is it? Well, I know it's doable. Is it easy to just take an an existing building asset, retrofitted, and begin to achieve the efficiencies that because I can, I can do it on new buildings, you can bake it in, you can say, okay, building here to do this as it's the existing assets that have tremendous, I think, great value, is that is that a doable? Proposition?


I actually say, is a need is a must. So it depends on the research that you can read buildings are responsible for between 40 to 60% of the co2 emissions


40 to 60. Yeah,


it depends on some researchers they talk about for the summer, you're about 60? And I guess it depends on the city that you are you made the analysis? Wow. And that's a lot. So considering the situation. In the for instance, here in Europe, the European Union that has the five already specific guidelines for buildings and how they have to reduce the co2 emissions and the amount that they need to get. So that's the political power, which is the big push, because there are no this is push, yes, it nobody will push you to get there, then the business will not change. And yes, it is possible. So today, you can do that. And by the way, that's one of the things that IoT brings IoT brings more connected possibilities, wireless, new wireless possibilities, that are really making it easier for building administrator to chain the systems from not having a system to have as much as it is.


So if it's possible, which you just confirmed one. And I would imagine there's various degrees of complexity, you know, this building's really bad and old and does, but then there's so there's various degrees, I would imagine you would you and Kanex, Team Kanex, would look at that building, determine the best path forward, sort of identify the the low hanging fruit, that is like, you want to do something right here, you'll gain some great efficiencies, if you just do that. Does that what is that what Canucks can can bring to the table? Yeah,


yeah, so our the most important application we are developing today is called energy monitoring is this what we want to do is we want to guarantee the buildings can change to renewable source of energy, and that the energy is guaranteed 24 hour every day. So that is with energy management, we stop the use of forcing source of energy. And whenever it is possible, because here it comes the bath, you have photovoltaic panels on the roof at night, then you don't have energy. So you do not collect enough energy during the day, accumulate these in specific batteries or units, then you need to have another source of energy, in this case for citing sources of energy that will help you or your system to to provide the energy that you demand according to your needs. Could it be in a home? Or could it be and I mean,


but seem to be in I hear what you're saying. It's it's all paper and pencil stuff? You can you can get it down you say yeah, we'll, if you deploy this, you're here, you would be here and that's that's an ease. I'm not I don't want to oversimplify. But that's an easy calculation to be able to say, do this, you save this over a period of time and therefore your payback is whatever.


That's correct. Yes. Yeah. See,


it just I don't see how you can do be up on property in a house without having this conversation without actually looking into but I think one of the areas that would make it even more get more people to buy in it's just make it simple. Just simplify it don't don't create the frictions in the resistant that's that to me. It's just sort of an interesting


I think is the future. So the biggest application that they will be developed the mouse is actually energy management now how to make buildings more efficient.


That's great. Castro that is super. I mean, I liked that. I agree with the I. I'm all in May. We aren't just one of a few, but I'm all in I see the value, I see the benefit. I see what happens. And, and honestly, I'm looking for a professional Sherpa to help you with that journey. Because I don't have the answers. And I guarantee many don't have the answer. You've got to find the right connection to Tim Kaine. Excellent. Thank you. How do they get a hold of you? How do they say, Hey, I want to I want to talk to Castro. How did they get a hold of you? What's Yeah,


we are in the startup area. So there is in this Congress, you can visit us on the startup. There. We have mechanics, and also so many startups using our technology in showing how they


play into it. And I can go out to the website.


Yes. www dot Kanex. Door


to Door. Yeah. Okay, there it is. Okay, next door. Make a note of that. It's not cane Cane Castle, you are great. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. All right, listeners. We're going to wrap it up on the other side, we're going to have all the contact information for caspo and Ken AX. So go out to industrial industrial Connect with Casto tiene que annex, you will not be disappointed. So stay tuned. We will be right back.


Your list listening to the industrial talk Podcast Network.


Again, thank you very much for joining industrial talk. That was Casta Casto you need to just do you need to reach out there. Smart Homes, smart buildings, it is what's happening, whether you you embrace it or not. You've got appliances that are becoming more smart. I have some interviews out there. From my perspective. Thank you for being smart. Yes, I like it and just makes your life a little bit easier and a little bit more insightful. Casto kn It's an association. Get involved, because it's happening, whether you like it or not, but it's all good. It's all good. Also, I want you to just sort of point out some great sponsors. We've got cap logistics, we've got hexagon saviant got fictive. We've got just Arduino. Anyway, there's a lot of sponsors that are out there that help keep the lights on, please support them. As as you see fit great companies, great people, great solutions, solving problems, you know, you know, the routine. Also, industrial talk is an education platform. It is a platform also that is focused on collaboration and bringing people together to solve problems having that dialogue. Learning is learning from the best that's out there and industry. You need to be involved. You need to just go out to industrial talk, just go. I just want to be a part of what's going on. Tell your story. I'm always open. I'm always open and available. And if you find it in here to to sponsor, that'd be great. I'll pump your all day long and it's a good deal. So anyway, go out to industrial To find out more. Let's connect. Let's tell your story. All right, be bold, be brave, dare greatly hang out with caspo and you're going to change the world. Thank you very much for joining. We will have more coming from IoT solutions World Congress shortly so stay tuned.



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