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The Hard Thing Podcast - Justin Lewis EPISODE 119, 3rd September 2020
TM 57: Connecting with Others & Disciplining the Lizard-brain
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TM 57: Connecting with Others & Disciplining the Lizard-brain

Welcome back to the 57th episode of the Thursday Meditations show!

This is the show that helps you overcome average, and step up above mediocrity.

Before we get to the show, here are a couple announcements

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Today we have a great show lined up. Today we get to talk about all sorts of things.

First, let me mention that we do encourage anyone who might be suffering mentall and might need the help to reach out to the suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Now, in today’s show, we start off talking about connecting and last monday’s episode of the podcast.

We then morph into talking about being anti-fragile and working on our own weaknesses that way.

We then talk about Facebook of all things in a quick aside.

We also get on to talking about the lizard-brain and discipline.

Finally we finish up with the challenges I gave to the co-host, Ty Crockett, and he accepted all three.

But don’t forget about all the action items we left you:

  1. FInd some way to connect with people
  2. Work on disciplining your lizard-brain in some way
  3. Create some sort of challenge for yourself

With these action items, you can better put into practice some of the insights you might have gleaned from the show.

If you’d like to submit some challenges for us on next week’s show, join the facebook group at facebook.com/groups/thehardthingpodcast.

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Again thanks so much for listening, & stay tuned to next week. Keep doing Hard Things, & Keep Overcoming Average.