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RR 032: Malcolm Sissmore on Telematics
24th July 2015 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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On PointMalcolm Sissmore is a wealth of knowledge on telematics and provides great insight on the subject.  Malcolm is with Delphi Product and Service Solutions. He is the North American Sales Director: Traditional Markets & Telematics and the Country Director Canada.

Many of our guests have discussed telematics technology as a potential disruptor or opportunity. Besides this in-depth episode on Telematics, recently Donny Seyfer in episode 30, talks about his involvement with ASA on building an industry forum to be sure there is availability to data for all participants. Malcolm does mention this in our interview.

Bottom line you cannot be out of the knowledge loop on telematics, be it embedded or aftermarket, and how the data can be used as a connection to your customer. Everyone spends to get and retain customers, this is one very key retention opportunity for all the right reasons.

Get out your pen and paper here’s Malcom Sissmore from Delphi Product and Service Solutions to go ON-POINT about Telematics …. Enjoy.


Some Stats:

-Cars sold with Embedded Telematics:

  • 2012: 2%
  • 2014: 20%
  • 2017: 45%
  • 2020: 90%
  • By 2020 250M cars will have connectivity
  • (Source: Gartner Research ‘Predicts 2015: The Internet of Things’)

-By 2020 150M drivers will actually use their connectivity. (Source: IHS Automotive)