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Episode 005: Overcoming Rejection- Shifting the Power of NO
19th May 2015 • Believing Bigger with Dr. Shante • Dr. Shante
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We fall down, but do we always get up? For many aspiring entrepreneurs and influencers, hearing the word, “NO” shakes our confidence to the core. In this episode I share my insight about shifting the power of NO and overcoming rejection once and for all.

About the Host, Dr. Shante Bishop

Dr. Shante is a nationally recognized brand strategist with a client portfolio that includes talent from HGTV, NBC Network, and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Her work has been featured in Forbes, JET Magazine, Fox Network, and WCIU Chicago.

She is also the CEO of Design Her Label where she equips entrepreneurs and influencers with the tools to build and believer BIGGER.


In this podcast, Dr. Shante challenges the power of NO by deconstructing the emotional impact and redirecting that energy into action steps that move you closer to your dreams/goals.

Episode Action Steps:

  1. Get feedback that will prepare you for a future opportunity
  2. Make sure your pitch is in alignment with the strategic vision of the person you want to back you
  3. Assess whether you have surrounded yourself with the right people to take your vision forward
  4. Seek to attract influencers rather than just a fan club

Top Quotes:

  • “Macy’s is not passing around a box of tissues because you didn’t buy their shoes”
  • “Rejection is redirection.”
  • “If the Shonda Rhimes of your industry knocked on your door, would you be ready for the YES?”
  • “Don’t be so preoccupied with becoming popular that you fail to be relevant!”

Resource Links:

Key Timestamps:

  • [01:35] No is painful
  • [02:47] Bestowing too much power to others to decide our future
  • [05:20] You may not be in the right soil to grow
  • [06:05] NO is not personal
  • [06:53] NO is an opportunity to learn
  • [08:14] Rejection is Redirection
  • [11:58] Rejection can cause paralysis if we let it
  • [12:45] Who Decides Your Ending?
  • [14:40] Its OK to go off script
  • [15:34] When Pride becomes a barrier
  • [16:00] Are You Ready for the YES
  • [18:00] You can’t build Ritz Carlton Quality with Motel 6 Branding

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