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Elon Musk Has Very Good Reasons to be Afraid of AI
27th September 2017 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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In this episode, Frank and Andy talk about the Ignite 2017 conference, quantum computing, great guests, and the effects of hurricanes on podcast production schedules.

Oh yeah and the AI apocalypse. Maybe Elon Musk knows something we don’t.


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Notable Quotes

ClearDB strikes again… ([2:45])
Hurricane Irma knocked out last week’s show ([4:30])
Microsoft Ignite ([5:30])
Shoutout to Rimma Nehme
Shoutout to Buck Woody
Alexa Dev Day ([7:30])
Frank’s WintellectNOW Data Science course: Data Science for Developers ([9:00])
Shoutout to Julie Smith ([10:30])
Quantum Computing and Qubits ([11:30])
Television reference: Quantum Leap ([14:20])
Too much CI? ([20:30])
“Ask” is NAN (not a noun) ([21:30])
SSIS as a Service ([22:00])
The SSIS Data Flow Task and REST ([23:45])
Shoutout to Kevin Hazzard
The FedEx commercial ([24:15])
“All I see is data.” ([25:10])
“AI-first” ([26:55])
“Data Estate” ([27:55])
Curiosity Stream ([28:15])
Shoutout to Lynn Langit
“Paranoia is a skill.” ([31:55])
Universal Basic Income and the economics of automation ([32:30])
“The way out is not the way we got in…” ([40:50])
Velocity… ([46:00])
Titling this show ([47:35])
Praying for Puerto Rico ([48:30])
Data and Disasters ([48:50])
Nassim Taleb’s next book ([49:30])
Unicorns Among Us




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